Leftists Demand Conscience-Ban in Billings “Diversity Ordinance”


To leftists, diversity often is relegated to superficial and skin-deep characteristics and rarely do they consider the value of diverse perspectives or viewpoints. Under United States law, the Department of Housing and Urban Development currently bans discrimination based upon traits that people cannot help like race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability. HUD also notifies Citizens on its website that ‘transgender’ (those pretending to be the opposite sex) individuals may be protected under current restrictions against discrimination due to sex. However, some residents in Billings want to go one step further than U.S. law, preventing property owners from discriminating against behaviors they find objectionable.

A new petition at Change.org is asking the Billings City Council to rule that property owners may not exercise their religious or personal convictions when it comes to those who engage in acts of sodomy or homosexual behavior. Likewise, the petition says that it’s legal to discriminate in the workplace against those whose lifestyles are found questionable by employers on the grounds of sexual behavior. The petition is requesting the council to override decisions of personal conscience by property owners and employers in Billings city limits and prohibit people from making decisions based upon their personal morality.

According to the petition, the City of Billings should pass a so-called Equality Ordinance that will – ostensibly – save lives because homosexual and transgender people suffer from higher rates of suicide than the national average. However, there is no attempt whatsoever in the petition to link the right of moral conscience with the suicide rate of those engaging in homosexuality and no local statistics or anecdotal evidence is given in the petition that would suggest housing or hiring decisions have led any suicides in Billings.

Statistics indeed seem to demonstrate that homosexual and ‘transgender’ people are at a higher risk of suicide, but it also accompanies a higher risk of unprotected sex, domestic abuse, venereal disease, drug use, and other self-defeating behavior. The LGBTQ lobby has tried for some years to tie the higher rate of suicide among the LGBTQ with discrimination but has heretofore been unable to do so. Higher suicide rates seem correlational to high-risk lifestyles.

Some in Billings, particularly those of a diverse moral background, may legitimately want to factor in risks associated with such high-risk lifestyle choices when making hiring or housing decisions and currently U.S. law allows them to do so.

The online petition says without statistical evidence, “evidence shows that equal rights for LGBTQ citizens affects (sic) the economy of a region.” No such empirical evidence exists.

To promote this aspect of the LGBTQ agenda, a “Welcoming Diversity Ordinance” rally is taking place at 5:30 p.m. Monday, at Billings First Congregational Church. The church has a welcome to the LGBTQ on the front page of its website, and is a member of the United Church of Christ denomination, which advocates for abortion-on-demand and has advocated regularly for gay ‘marriage.’ It is at odds with more conservative denominations that use the Bible as its source of ethics on moral issues.

For some, diversity in points-of-view is not valued as they seek to use the law to discriminate against the Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion. It seems that quite a few want Billings to become a safe space for everyone except for property owners and employers to decide what to do with their own property or business.


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