Anti-Gun and Big Government Candidate, Kathleen Williams, Says She Represents Montana Values


There’s nothing that can make a Montana Democrat sound moderate quite like running for a statewide office. In a recent interview with the Montana Post, U.S. House candidate, Kathleen Williams, has tried to rebrand herself as a common-sense moderate willing to cater to conservative values and work past the party line.

Williams is pro-choice, stating at Vote Smart that she “proudly supports a woman’s right to choose.” William’s past voting record demonstrates that she views abortion as an almost inviolable right, willing to place virtually zero restrictions on aborticide up and unto full gestation. Likewise, when asked if she would support tax increases Williams simply responded matter-of-factly, “yes,” without any kind of qualification. Her voting record has thus proven it, as she has supported any number of increases of tax burden even upon middle-class Montanans.

Additionally, Williams states that she supports federal spending to provoke economic growth but opposes lowering any taxes upon corporations which are the organic engine of economic growth, apparently under the belief that is the government but not private industry that creates economic prosperity. She is a proud supporter of federal regulation of Montana’s education and is a lifelong proponent of gun control.

Williams stated at a Girard Hall candidates forum in Richland County during her last failed election bid, “There’s no need for the AR-15 or other assault rifles and there has to be limitations on things like how many calibers a gun can shoot” (the candidate ostensibly meant “bullets”).

In a 2018 interview with the Montana Post, Williams bragged about her efforts at gun control in the Big Sky State, saying, “In the Montana Legislature, I voted against bills that would have deregulated guns on college campuses and allowed people to carry guns in all bars, restaurants, and churches.”

Apparently Williams thinks shootings don’t happen in gun-free zones.

The candidate addressed the likelihood of Montana voting for a Democrat in the House seat, telling the left-leaning Montana Post in her most recent interview, “I think Montanans vote for the person. They want someone who reflects their values and who talks about the things that are important to them. So I try and not be very partisan. I try and go out and campaign as Kathleen Williams, who wants to be your representative, show up and listen, and bring home solutions.”

One wonders how Williams considers herself best reflecting Montana values, with her support of gun control, federal government expansion, and an ever-growing federal stranglehold on the healthcare industry. Perhaps Williams doesn’t understand the values of the state that voted for Greg Gianforte instead of her in 2018.


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  1. Unless Montana has changed a whole lot since I left 3 years ago, I’d say she definitely does not represent Montana values. Montana actually has values!

  2. I don’t live in Montana but it’s Statewide. The Democrats are trying to take over and take our guns take our health care and they think that they’re doing that in our best interest I think we need not to vote them in. I know how you folks feel I know how idahoans feel pretty much we don’t want any it’s like that running our life this is a free country it is not a communist-run country but they’re sure trying to make it that way.

  3. I so agree with our Idaho friend, where does Kathleen get the idea she speaks for us? She sounds like she should be in N York with Cuomo, what a left wing idiot.


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