Climate Alarmist to Suggest Economic Overhauls at MSU Event


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Professor Rob Davies

Most proposed “fixes” for a largely manufactured climate crisis include changes to the free market. This includes those proposals made by Rob Davies, a physicist and Utah State University professor who will give his suggestions as part of an event on Tuesday at Montana State University.

Davies’ lecture is entitled, Climate Change, Now What? Creating a Sustainable Future, Today at Norm Asbjornson Hall. Davies’ capitalism-curbing proposals are already known thanks to his work in the state of Utah.

The professor has worked in tandem with a liberal Utah think-tank that has suggested 80% carbon emission cuts in the Beehive State, which most economics claim would cripple the state’s economy. Davies has supported the draconian measures in the think-tank’s climate proposals to gut Utah’s energy industry, saying, “The one missed opportunity in this report is the acknowledgment that we are in a genuine emergency, a genuine crisis. This still doesn’t get us to where we need to go, but it’s quite possible that it puts us on a track that could get us to where we need to go.”

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Although climate alarmists have been warning of an impending climate change doomsday since at least the sixties, “experts” have claimed anything from an ice-age to ice-cap-melting global warming is imminent. Neither has been demonstrated as accurate predictions. Nonetheless, Professor Davies is sure the world is coming to a quick end without limiting CO2 emissions, the bulk of which comes from natural fauna in the world’s vast oceans.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the so-called “Utah Roadmap,” of which Davies is a part, “includes dramatically reducing coal-fired power, which supplies nearly two-thirds of Utah’s electricity, and replacing it with renewable energy, as well as increasing the number of electric vehicle charging stations to boost EV use in the state.”

It is highly improbable that Montana wants to follow the roadmap set out by extremists in Utah, with roads too vast and services too far in between to accommodate electric vehicle charging stations and with the coal industry already under attack. Likewise, Eastern Montana’s dependency upon the energy and petroleum industry would likely not take such initiatives kindly which would surely scuttle a wealth of resources for employees and the state government alike.


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