Trump Helps Rescue Land Near Bozeman So It Can Be Used Again


After blocking the land from productive use for more than three decades, the Environmental Protection Agency – motivated by new directives from President Donald Trump – has delisted 82 acres near Bozeman to finally again be used for economic purposes.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an independent agency within the federal government, the United States president sets policy via executive orders. The controversial “superfund” refers to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, which allows the federal government to shelve properties away from public or private use if there is reason to suspect the land has been tainted by an ecological disaster.

The land in question near Bozeman was supposedly first affected by contamination 85 to 137 years ago, as it was a five-stall Northern Pacific Railroad roundhouse and storage unit from approximately 1883-1945. Afterward, it was used by the Idaho Pole Co. wood-treating facility that operated from 1945-97, which the EPA then used as cause to place the land around the facility on its Superfund list in 1986.

Clean-up was done in 1992, which focused on creosote and pentachlorophenol, or PCP, which were used to preserve wood, as well as dioxins, deemed a dangerous carcinogen. Since then, the land has been sitting idle.

The “super fund” has been accused of engaging in environmental activism by land-owners and common-sense conservationists since Ronald Reagan’s presidency, with claims abounding that the EPA was intentionally placing land into a “holding cell” so that it could not be used for commerce, thus turning the land back into wilderness and not allowing logging, mining, agriculture, or hunting.

According to the Big Sky Times the cost of cleaning up the 82 acres was “into the millions” although the land has been sitting idle for years with the work mostly complete.

President Trump has insisted that the EPA turn super fund land back to private or public ownership so that it can be used for trade, commerce, agriculture, or production.

Senator Scott Sales of Bozeman told the press, “Anytime contaminated land is reclaimed and can be used for human consumption, that is good news.”

The EPA reports on its website, “The Trump EPA has made it a priority to speed up the Superfund process to cleanup sites and return land to productive use…We are pleased that the OIG and others approve of the efforts of the career staff who helped establish and carry out the goals of the Superfund Task Force, because we are making great progress for the American public.”

Liberals, who are never pleased that land and resources be used for the public good, have insisted that Trump’s EPA is handing land back over to be used too quickly. In the meantime, Trump’s policies promise to be boon for local economies.


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