Missoula Group Demands Money for Environmental Plan that Enlists Beavers to Fight Climate Change


This week, meteorologists were off by nearly 30 degrees in their daily forecast for Montana weather. However, an activist group named Climate Ready Missoula claims to know for sure that the temperature will increase by 4-5 degrees in the next fifty years, which should make for a welcome warming in the frigid state. To climate doomsdayers, however, that 4-5 degree expected temperature rise bodes the possible end of civilization in the Bitterroot Valley.

Their solutions to the “climate crisis” rely upon the state government raising taxes to give them money to combat the problem. Apparently the earth’s temperature can be cooled by higher taxes.

The first draft of the plan was given at a City Club meeting last month, and it offered up 29 goals and 67 strategies to reach those goals to survive the temperature increase. They all relied upon more money being given to Missoula from others within the state.

Survival of Missoula will also depend on helping underrepresented and disenfranchised people and ensuring their “equity” (economic equality, usually suggested to occur by wealth redistribution) according to the plan. The plan also requires scuttling statewide petroleum and coal production and investing on renewable energy.

The plan also has some unique but questionable ideas, like enlisting beavers to combat wildfires.

Not all of their climate strategies include deputizing rodents to save the Earth. Most require new laws, policies, codes, bureaucracy, and tax-supported central planning.

All of their various strategies, which range from imposing draconian building codes to restricting land use, will require, “a reliable stream of public and private dollars will be needed to pay for them.”


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