Montana Liberals Plan to Tax Fuel and Redistribute Funds in Vote-Buying Scheme


The infamous cap-and-trade scheme, which caps the amount of carbon that can be released by certain companies and allows them to purchase “credits” from companies that don’t exceed their limits, creates a black-market in the Ponzi scheme of a government-contrived carbon economy. One of the many downsides of the cap-and-trade system is that only some industries are effective. However, liberals have discovered a way to punish everyone for carbon emissions in a plan called Carbon Fee and Dividend.

Instead of taxing carbon as it’s released (from a company’s smoke-stack, for example), Carbon Fee and Dividend taxes everyone who uses fossil fuels, from single mothers to environmentalists flying around on private jets. In this system, carbon is taxed as it is entering, rather than leaving, the economy.

Carbon Fee and Dividend then takes the money taxed upon fossil fuel consumers and those funds are distributed “equally” to consumers, not based upon how much of the fees they paid to consume fossil fuels.

In short, delivery truck drivers, mail delivery, transportation industries, and farmers will pay the bulk of those fees because they buy the bulk of fossil fuels. Then, the fees they pay will be sent via the form of a government welfare check to people who didn’t consume fossil fuels or pay the tax.

Leftists brag that two-thirds of people will be getting back more than the paid, which leaves one-third (chiefly those people who drive the economy) to suffer under the environmentalist scheme.

The Flathead Beacon laughably claimed, “In early February, 90 conservative volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) representing 30 states, including Montana, visited 72 Republican congressional offices in Washington, D.C. to support carbon dividends for addressing climate change.”

One wonders how the Beacon came to characterize people for this radical new form of taxation and vote-buying wealth-redistribution could be classified as “conservative.”

Please note that the Beacon did not report how the Republican congressional offices responded to the socialist plot, but it was likely somewhere between a polite ‘no’ and a slammed door.

The system is designed to punish people for using fossil fuels, which will in turn force consumers to begin purchasing alternative energy (the delivery mechanisms and infrastructure to provide it do not yet exist).

The Beacon says, “Over 3,500 U.S. economists, including 15 in Montana, say carbon fee and dividend is the fastest way to transition our energy sources.”

It also appears to be the fastest way to kill the petroleum and coal industry, tax business owners, and distribute that money to voters who like hand-outs from other people’s pockets.


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