Headlines Socialist Running Against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana Republican...

Socialist Running Against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana Republican Primary


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These are strange days in Montana. A socialist is now running in the Republican primary against Steve Daines for the United States Senate.

Dan Larson, Montana born-and-raised hardware store manager wants to oust Daines from office and serve as a Republican in the U.S. Senate. The odd part of this scenario is that Larson is a socialist who advocates for Universal Basic Income, a plan which redistributes wealth and promises a thousand or more dollars a month to every single citizen, whether they work or not.

Larson, who paid his filing fee to run as a Republican against Sen. Daines in the primary, says, “I am a big fan of universal basic income. If the government isn’t good at doing a lot of things, then let’s just do the things that we know will work. It’s a commitment to statistics…let’s use those. Let’s agree about what the data set is, let’s agree about what the problem is and let’s solve it.”

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a scheme contrived in recent years and has become a popular vision for the most left-leaning socialists in the United States and Europe, favored by only three (now former) Democrat presidential candidates, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Andrew Yang. Although Communist front-runner, Bernie Sanders, has toyed with the idea of UBI, he considered it too radical to promote in a presidential primary.

Only one nation has attempted UBI, the socialist-leaning Finland. Finland attempted a dialed-back UBI of 560 Euros per month to all residents, but had to scuttle it ahead of schedule in 2018 after it turned out to be a colossal, bankrupting failure. It turns out people won’t work when they don’t have to.

The socialist Republican candidate went on, “If you have a respected problem solver representing conservative ideals, you would have power against Bernie Sanders, and if you have a principled person that’s willing to stand up to money…well Trump’s not gonna win with me. If that sounds good, like you could have a U.S. senator that would change your tire, then I’m your guy.”

It is unknown if Larson has the support of Montana’s Solution’s Caucus, a left-leaning group of Republicans who are likely supportive of notions like Universal Basic Income. A request to Daines’ office regarding his capacity to change a tire has not yet been answered by the time of publishing.

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