Socialist Running Against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana Republican Primary


These are strange days in Montana. A socialist is now running in the Republican primary against Steve Daines for the United States Senate.

Dan Larson, Montana born-and-raised hardware store manager wants to oust Daines from office and serve as a Republican in the U.S. Senate. The odd part of this scenario is that Larson is a socialist who advocates for Universal Basic Income, a plan which redistributes wealth and promises a thousand or more dollars a month to every single citizen, whether they work or not.

Larson, who paid his filing fee to run as a Republican against Sen. Daines in the primary, says, “I am a big fan of universal basic income. If the government isn’t good at doing a lot of things, then let’s just do the things that we know will work. It’s a commitment to statistics…let’s use those. Let’s agree about what the data set is, let’s agree about what the problem is and let’s solve it.”

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a scheme contrived in recent years and has become a popular vision for the most left-leaning socialists in the United States and Europe, favored by only three (now former) Democrat presidential candidates, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Andrew Yang. Although Communist front-runner, Bernie Sanders, has toyed with the idea of UBI, he considered it too radical to promote in a presidential primary.

Only one nation has attempted UBI, the socialist-leaning Finland. Finland attempted a dialed-back UBI of 560 Euros per month to all residents, but had to scuttle it ahead of schedule in 2018 after it turned out to be a colossal, bankrupting failure. It turns out people won’t work when they don’t have to.

The socialist Republican candidate went on, “If you have a respected problem solver representing conservative ideals, you would have power against Bernie Sanders, and if you have a principled person that’s willing to stand up to money…well Trump’s not gonna win with me. If that sounds good, like you could have a U.S. senator that would change your tire, then I’m your guy.”

It is unknown if Larson has the support of Montana’s Solution’s Caucus, a left-leaning group of Republicans who are likely supportive of notions like Universal Basic Income. A request to Daines’ office regarding his capacity to change a tire has not yet been answered by the time of publishing.


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  1. It’s not socialism you douche bag it’s capitalism that doesn’t start at 0. Also while we’re at it why do we have socialism for the rich with all these corporate bail outs?

  2. Well, that was a misleading headline. As a conservative, I’ve supported the idea of Universal Basic Income for 15 years now. It is an idea that has been championed by conservative and libertarian thinkers for decades and in my opinion, is the single tenable way we have available to us to preserve capitalism in the face of encroaching technology, which threatens to drain the Midwest of capital, leaving money and resources to pool among the wealthy classes in a handful of elite coastal cities. UBI is a way to correct capital flows so that capitalism again operates as intended and society can again reap the benefits of the dynamism that has produced the wealthiest society the planet has ever seen.

  3. UBI isn’t socialism and anyone with an earned college degree can figure it out. Using buzz words to scare people away from another’s politics is the work of morons. Its a progressive idea that would keep thousands of Americans from suffering in our country. Your scarcity mindset is not needed in this country

  4. Wow, it’s amazing what they let pass as news these days. Is the MDG not aware that Finland is a Capitalist country with a freer market than the US (They called out Sanders multiple times for the false assumption that they were Socialist)? They are most certainly not Socialist, they’re just not ideologically inept. Their trail run was overall a success as they were overall much happier and able to afford their bills, the reason why they were unable to take bigger chances in the job industry which was the aim of the program was because it was only temporary income, what if the trail ends and their job falls through? Then what? A risk for nothing.

    Richard Nixon and Milton Friedman also both supported a basic income plan. Are they Socialist now too?

    The issue with not having a UBI is plenty of rural areas, much like in Montana has gotten completely forgotten since the last recession. Far too many small businesses has closed their doors for good and never opened back up, far too many young adults left and never came back. Now we’re on the verge of a depression and the solution is to allow it to happen again? You’re really going to tell me the checks we’re about to get from President Trump are not going to help if it were mad monthly?

  5. Well, if you’re going to write a hit piece… I love how there’s zero attempt at hiding the bigotry, socialist this, socialists that. I’m not a socialists, that doesn’t automatically make me a capitalist.

    For the record here’s the facts:

    UBI is not new, it’s a concept that predates this republic.

    Not only do people work with a basic income, they’re actually more productive.

    Finland did not implement a universal basic income, they added an unemployment benefit.

  6. This is fake news and the article opens the paper to a libel suit, UBI is not socialist in nature and attempts to label it as such are matters of opinion at most. The author is defaming a candidate and using the headline as an attempted assassination of character. This is the shoddy “journalism” and Montana Daily Gazette should be ashamed for allowing such speculative political puff pieces.

  7. UBI is not a socialist idea. It is capitalism where your basic income is covered. Everyone gets it. It would alleviate all extreme poverty in the state. Milton Friedman even supported a version of this.

  8. It’s disappointing that the Finland pilot was reported in this biased fashion. The reports from 1st year did show improvements in well being factors like stress and health. The failure to show improvements in employment numbers were likely because the pilot was also only given to 2,000 unemployed workers, which is not a true UBI where increased buying power given to all citizens stimulates local economies and also creates more jobs. This unbiased Fortune article gives a little better perspective of the program.

  9. Additionally the concept of UBI is not rooted in socialism which is defined more by the govt control of means of production. But rather, UBI is capitalism that does not start at $0. Because the essential income floor it creates, allows the market to work as intended, but with more buying power in the hands of the people to to so even more effectively. This video explains how the concept is actually for reduction of the role of govt.


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