Democrat, Tom Winter, Says Montanans Support Gun Confiscation Legislation


Tom Winter is running in the Democratic primary for Montana’s U.S. Congressional seat vacated by Rep. Greg Gianforte, who is now running for Montana governor. He is in a hotly contested race with Kathleen Williams (Matt Rains dropped out of the race in January), and one of the two will face a Republican challenger in the general election. Both Williams and Winter have staked their candidacy on their support for gun control.

Winter conducted an interview on the left-leaning The Montana PostCast, and refused to shy away from the topic of gun control. The candidate promised that, if elected, he would help enact legislation that would make it easier to confiscate from citizens without due process.

Winter told the host, “I have not seen polling that shows that Montana’s are roundly against enforcing and stronger red flag laws to save specifically the people who are often committing suicide with a gun and that’s mostly people’s brothers and their fathers and their uncles and their grandfathers. And I’m not to say it doesn’t happen to women and children as well, but we need to look at what this is and we need to talk about this openly and transparently.”

He continued to assert that Montanans are for so-called “red-flag laws” that allow law enforcement to take away the firearms of people who are accused by other citizens of being unstable, even without a trial or another form of due process.

He said, “I’m not afraid to lead with the values that are pretty transparent here, which is trying to keep people from hurting themselves when they are sick and I think Most Montanans, if not all, are in favor of that.”

Red-flag laws have been used in various states around the country in ways that are alarming gun advocacy groups and supporters of the Constitution. They have repeatedly been abused to take away firearms from those later found innocent at a trial or hearing, and often of the flimsiest of complaints.

Winter tries to appeal to gun owners on his campaign website, which says he “owns long guns and wears flannel.”


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  1. I do not think very many Montanan’s support any form of government gun confiscation. I for one am a veteran, and I will not comply. Tom Winter you are not welcome at my house.

  2. He’s a loser that doesn’t know the people of Montana, our constitutional rights or that someone bent on suicide is going to find a way.

  3. As an older native born Montanan, I can assure you we do not support a ban on guns. The Constitution was adopted by this country to defend us against tyranny and that is why there is the 2nd ammendment. It is our right to bare arms.

  4. Well for one this demidip will not be elected, but on an off chance that he is, I know 1000s of Montanans that do not agree with your bullshit red flag law, because all that will accomplish is pissed off spouses calling in on each other just so they can be mean, or it will be a kid in school calling in because someone hurt his/her feelings that day. And taking my god given 2nd amendment awayis not your right aor anybody else’s, the o ly way I lose that right is by commiting a felony with a gun or a one that causes bodily injury to another human being, ao you demidip can back right the fuck off of my rights.

  5. If he want’s to get elected in a state that loves freedom he may want to adopt former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson’s gun control policy; “A steady hand.” Hey Montana, don’t turn into Oregon.

  6. Im from oragon can i come be a montanan with my luggage ? need help with lugging i only have two fingers and one is locked on !


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