LGBTQ Shocked that Billings City Council Isn’t Interested In Their Freedom of Conscience Ban


After holding a rally at a gay-affirming church and raising what they claimed was a crowd of grassroots support for a ban of the Freedom of Conscience regarding LGBTQ issues, supporters of the so-called “Welcoming Diversity Ordinance” left shocked when the Billings City Council voted to not move forward with it.

The LGBTQ lobby in Billings placed a petition at and asked the Billings City Council to rule that property owners may not exercise their religious or personal convictions when it comes to those who engage in acts of sodomy or homosexual behavior. The petition requested the council to override decisions of personal conscience by property owners and employers in Billings city limits and prohibit people from making decisions based upon their personal morality.

The “Welcoming Diversity Ordinance” rally took place on Monday at Billings First Congregational Church. The group then gathered at the Billings City Council meeting on Monday night, only to leave shocked that the council had little interest in banning the freedom of conscience.

Kris Carpenter, and LGBTQ activist in Billings, said she left “shocked” at their decision. She reiterated, “It’s mind-boggling.”

While Butte, Bozeman, Helena, Missoula and Whitefish – all towns with left-leaning political sentiments – have passed Freedom of Conscience bans, Billings Mayor Bill Cole expressed concerns that banning people’s right to determine what’s best to do with their property and businesses might expose the city to lawsuits by people who believe in the freedoms of speech and religion, saying, “We need to continue to make sure our city is safe and welcoming for all its (residents).”

It seems the mayor was insinuating the city should be welcoming of those with different points of view, the type that the LGBTQ activists want to criminalize.


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