Exclusive: Montana Shooting Sports Association Explains Danger of “Red Flag Laws,” Upcoming Agenda


The Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) exists to support the Second Amendment liberties of gun-owning Montanans. Serving as an advocate in political and legislative arenas, MSSA regularly keeps concerned citizens up-to-date about the legal challenges facing liberty-loving people in the Big Sky State.

Gary Marbut, president of MSSA, took some time to answer questions posed by the Montana Daily Gazette regarding the challenges to gun-liberty that citizens may face over the next year in both Montana and the nation as a whole.

When asked what challenges are most pressing, Marbut told the Gazette, “There are a raft of wacky ideas ATI-gunners are promoting in other states.  Although some of those ideas will be suggested for Montana by a few transplants or those not in touch with Montana culture, they won’t fly here, at least not in the near future.  MSSA will stop them.”

Marbut continued, “Attempts at such foreign policies may even produce a backlash, as Missoula’s misplaced attempt at gun control did with LR-130.”

LR-130 is an effort to limit local government power to curb Second Amendment liberties. It is a comprehensive state-wide effort to make sure that municipalities can’t enforce unconstitutional gun laws within their jurisdiction.

Montana’s Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress, Tom Winter and Kathleen Williams, both support gun confiscation using the constitutionally dubious “red flag laws” that allow judges to take away firearms from people based upon accusations without a court trial or due process in which they’re allowed to defend themselves in court. Although such laws are considered “common sense” by some, they make gun-owners prove themselves innocent to retrieve their firearms rather than making them being proven guilty in court.

Myriads of stories have been published around the nation of citizens wrongly having their firearms taken under Red Flag Laws, sometimes even under mistaken identity.

When asked if Red Flag Laws are really as problematic as they seem, Marbut answered, “Yes, because they allow taking of constitutionally-protected property with the mere suggestion that a person involved might commit a crime sometime in the future.  Can you imagine government agents taking the printing apparatus away from a newspaper because someone suggests that the newspaper could, sometime in the future, publish something slanderous or ‘seditious’ (in other words, critical of the government)?  Those are the sort of actions we hear were practiced in Nazi – National Socialist – Germany.

Marbut also explained to the Gazette what challenges MSSA expects in the upcoming legislative session.

The MSSA president reported, “[Our agenda] will be determined at MSSA’s Annual Meeting in Helena on March 7th. Generally, I expect we will work on reducing alleged “gun-free zones,” government-created killing places where only criminals have guns.  Also on the table will be several bills Governor Bullock has vetoed, bills we’ve already gotten through the Legislature.”

Marbut also explained that people can get involved with the MSSA “By asking to be on the MSSA email list, by joining MSSA via the membership page on our Website, and by acting locally to support and inform people about LR-130.”


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