Jon Tester Votes to Let Already-Born Babies Die Without Medical Treatment

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., February 1, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts - RC12C3865930

Jon Tester joined all but three Democrats in the U.S. Senate this week to vote against a provision that would have required medical care for already-born babies who survived botched abortion procedures.

Tester and other Senate Democrats, with the exception of Senators Jones, Manchin, and Casey, refused to mandate medical treatment for the infants in a vote that failed to pass with a 60 vote majority in what turned out to be 56-41 division. All Republican senators voted to save the life of babies who survived the in-womb assassination and made it out into the world unsaved. Democrats, on the other hand, were concerned that treating “unwanted babies” might hurt abortion rights.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, said of the vote, “If my Democratic colleagues block the Senate from even proceeding to debate this legislation later today, the message they send will be chilling and clear: The radical demands of the far-left will drown out common sense and the views of most Americans.”

Tester has continued his legacy of supporting each and every aspect of infanticide, both in and out of the womb.

Tester voted against a 20-week ban on abortion in 2018, pledged to focus on abortion accessibility in 2006, voted no on restricting funding abortions in other countries through the United Nations in 2009, voted no on public funding abortions in 2017, and voted no on parental notification of abortions in 2018.

Tester’s campaign material says he supports “traditional Montana values.”


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  1. isnt this out and out murder? so there’s a baby that needs help and food and we just leave him lay until he begs and cries himself to death? am i understanding this correctly? surely not! not in a civilized country.

    • Isn’t abortion out and out legalized murder. Brutal, pre meditated murder.
      The year 2020 and some Adults are demanding so called “woman’s health” in part is the right to an abortion. This is a Baby.

  2. Sick Democrats. I won’t ever vote for even one of them ever because of their platform beliefs. They are on the wrong side of simple human decency, and they call themselves the compassionate party, not hardly. Judge them not by what they say, but what they do. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Agreed. Those aren’t compassionate people; those are heartless BUTCHERS. Would YOU save one of those THINGS like Tester if they got hit by a car and were lying at your feet convulsing in pain and bleeding to death? Yes, you probably would, just as I would. But Tester wouldn’t He’d be more likely to spit on you and walk away, leaving you to die in agony when you might even have been saved. I simply can’t fathom the mind-set of the Democrat…

  3. Mr. Tester, you are proving how little you value true American values, and your arrogance in believing that at the end of the day you’ve gotten away with it. There is a Higher power that you will eventually have to answer to. A very angry Montanan.

  4. Abortion is killing humans. Unless the mother’s life is challenged or child is irreparable ill they should be allowed to live. People are put in jail for endangering children. Abortionists are killing little people and arent giving that little bundle of joy a chance to see daylight. God help these people. What if their mothers thought abortion was the way to go?

  5. Tester is a dumb democrat tool who somehow got elected. He will rot in hell for this vote on approving murder.

  6. Thank Goodness someone like Tester was there to stand up and tell them to stop wasting tax payer money. The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 already is on the books, and does more than enough to cover a situation that never actually arises.

    • Well your moniker certainly does make you look like a comedian, but what you said is NOT funny at all. Though the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act” is on the books, it does NOT mandate doctor responsibility to see to it that adequate medical care is provided the infant. No- it does not- because there are no stringent penalties if the doctor does not follow through. The bill that Testor (who is a mindless DNC robot) voted against applies penalties should the doctor ignore the born alive infant. The infant Perhaps you, Bobby and Testie would feel differently if you had to witness something a awful as that.

  7. What a despicable human being not worth anyone voting him back into office. Let him be witness to the graphic horrors viewed in a real abortion happening live in front of his unworthy eyes. It could be his own child or grandchild.

  8. Vermont did the same thing. What makes these people so utterly evil that they would blithely murder babies to get votes.?

  9. If the good Lord let that baby survive all this YouTube let it live take care of it love it nobody else does but the good Lord does but guess he doesn’t matter anymore

  10. I wouldn’t call baby murder traditional Montana values. Every life has a purpose and just because a child is obviously unwanted by a biological mother, it does not mean a mother out there with love to give wouldn’t as well! There are women who want nothing more than to be a mom crying themselves to sleep because their body won’t let them, yet our official is condoning the murder of children needing the love out there for them, smdh!!!

  11. ‘Tester’s campaign material says he supports “traditional Montana values.” ‘

    Traditional Montana values include murdering infants prior to birth? If that is true thank God I am not a native of this state!

    • Tester you beed Jesus as your Saviour to know the real meaning of life. Jesus is life not death, SATAN IS DEATH NOT LIFE. Get life in JESUS u murder.

    • He’s a dem = he’s not pro life. Not sure why we are surprised at this, however disgusting and intolerable it is.

  12. Fuck you Tester, you have no right to say another human being should not be treated, no matter what there situation. Maybe you shouldn’t be treated for what ailes you. Your so far left. What type of mind do you have to consider murder on another human being.

  13. Ironically, there are older people who are being left to die of Covid without medical treatment (due to triage situations). Wonder if he realizes he could be one of those, and if he would still consider that kind of treatment acceptable.

  14. It’s all part of our moral decay that the left is pushing onto us, it is the people like Tester, Pelosi, and Schumer we have to vote them out of office, I hope and pray that everyone who sees the pure eval in all of this will help support those candidates that are running in opposition to these individuals what ever way you can

  15. Enough is enough. When you can get a felony and jail time even touching bald Eagle egg but there is not penalty for murdering a live infant, something is so so wrong with those who support murder. Dont get me wrong. Abortion in certain cases is necessary. If the mothers life is in jeopardy or the lady was raped then I can understand abortion. But if he supported this bill there is no alternative but OUT OF OFFICE. Tester tells how he helps the military and our ranches and our law enforcement people then votes to kill live newborn babies. I have the highest regard for our military, ranchers and law enforcement. They are the backbone of our future. But then he votes to kill a live infant. If this is true he has to be voted out of office. There is no question as to what we have to do. Vote him out. This is really shameful and sicking if true.

  16. Look for Tester / Epstein connections. He stole the last election by ballot harvesting. They gave checks on the reservation for blank ballots. Everyone knows it.

  17. Tester you are absolute peice of shit and need a bullet thru your head! I hope nothing but bad shit happens to you for the rest of your sorry ass life!!

  18. Not only do dems relish the death of innocent babies, they are orchestrating the death of our economy to defeat the most pro-life President ever.
    They are pure evil.

  19. Can you please provide documentation on this vote? I have re posted this article and was told this is incorrect.

  20. Guess this guy would coldheartedly watch his grand babies die. And yet his own mother allowed HIM to live.

  21. Isn’t that what Obama did in Illinois? If the baby survived the abortion attempt then they were put in a closet until they died. Not sure what part of “Women’s health” this is?

  22. Montana turned from its conservative ways when the hippies moved to Bozeman and Missoula. The Calif cast offs have polluted Montana and its life style.

  23. when he’s called to the pearly gates for a day of reckoning should be quite entertaining watching him try to justify his reasoning. I’ll bring the beer, you bring the chips.

  24. Would you place your new born child in Tester’s hands?
    Something is wrong with this man!
    Montanans, this Tester is unfit to be a human being.
    Demand a recall.
    ☆ TRUMP 2020! ☆


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