Beware ‘Green Decoy’ Environmental Groups Funneling Dark Money to Montana Democrats in 2020


Masquerading as sportsmen groups who allegedly promote hunting and fishing, Montanans are being warned that certain organizations serve as dark money-launderers for Democratic candidates and serve to misinform voters. Called “green decoys” by government transparency advocates, the groups have successfully scammed Montana’s voters in past election years, portraying themselves as grassroots lobbyists for sportsmen when, in fact, their organizations don’t support sportsmen at all. Rather, they exist to serve liberals who want the Montana “outdoorsman” vote.

The Montana Gazette has planned a series of exposés that will trace the dark money from out-of-state (and sometimes international) radical environmental organizations to Democrats running for local, state, or national office. A careful analysis of these groups will demonstrate that they are not supported by Montana outdoorsmen, do not advocate or educate in the realm of hunting and fishing, and are shady election scams designed to make Montana voters think that sportsmen support Democrat candidates for office.

According to research by the Montana Gazette, these dark money liberal-financing groups include the Winter Wildlands Alliance, Public Land Water Access Alliance, Montana Wildlife Federation, Montana Wilderness Association, Montana Sportsmen Alliance, Montana Mountain Mamas, Montana Hunters and Anglers, Montana Conservation Voters, Headwater Economics, Forward Montana, Enhancing Montana Wildlife and Habitat, and Business for Montana Outdoors.

Montana voters should beware any endorsement given by these groups, which are not founded by Montanans, are largely not supported by Montanans, and which serve no actual purpose on behalf of Montana outdoorsmen.

The funding of these groups will demonstrate that they are currently laundering campaign cash to Montana Democrats, but telling voters they support hunting and fishing. A careful inspection of their organizations will demonstrate that they are operated by out-of-state money completely unattached from hunter or angler advocacy.

For example, the powerful Montana Wildlife Foundation, which unfortunately has developed a symbiotic relationship with the Department of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, shows 1.2 million in funding from the Wyss Foundation, which is named after its globalit billionaire founder, Hansjörg Wyss. This organization partners with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the Democrat National Convention Voter Expansion Project.

The Wyss Foundation also lobbied to create more “national monuments” which restrict hunter and angler access to public lands. The foundation regularly partners with radical groups like the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The Wyss foundation’s off-shoot organization, the HJW Foundation, is a major donor to the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta, an appointee in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Research from the (real) landowner and sportsman advocacy group, Green Decoys, shows that other supporters of the Montana Wildlife Foundation include:

  • The Tides Foundation. Based in San Francisco, the Tides Foundation and its companion the Tides Center are essentially a “laundry” for liberal money.
  • The Cinnabar Foundation. Also funds a group called Orion: The Hunters’ Institute.
  • Liz Claiborne & Art Ortenberg Foundation, which also has supported the Wilderness Society, Defenders of Wildlife, the Nature Conservancy, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Montana Wilderness Association
  • Tordik Wildlife Foundation. Also funds the Nature Conservancy and the Izaak Walton League of America (another “Green Decoy”).
  • Wilburforce Foundation. Also funds the liberal Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, another “Green Decoy” group that claims to advocate. Has also funded the League of Conservation Voters, the Tides Foundation, and the Center for Biological Diversity.
  • Henry P Kendall Foundation Trust. Also funds the liberal Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club of Canada, Earth Island Institute, and the Wildlands Project (now the Wildlands Network).

Further installments in this exposé will demonstrate that these globalist and leftist groups are funded almost universally by those who wish to curtail land access, hurt private landowners, and inhibit hunting and fishing in the Big Sky State.

But, that doesn’t stop these groups from launching a bevy of advertisements each election year to bolster left-of-center candidates for public office in Montana.

More to come…


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  1. In Montana it is not a problem to see who really wants to engage in the process for our future. In this case, this organization has no understanding of who takes care of the land. Sportsman Aliance is not unlike many other green decoy groups that do not care what level of human intervention in wildlife management as they don’t do anything but cater to the money outside of Montana.

    Montana Trappers Association has been on the front lines to help make sure there is a balance between prey and predator. In the case of the wolf, this is not close to being in balance and there is only promotion to manage hunters instead of taking care of the problem.


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