Reminder: These Montana Republicans Voted for Tax-Payer Funded Abortions


When socialist-leaning Solutions Caucus Republicans crossed over to vote with Democrats for Medicaid Expansion in 2019, which the voters of Montana rejected in a 2018 ballot measure, they did so by reasoning that a work requirement justified their vote and would keep the able-bodied from abusing the system. However, the Montana Medicaid Expansion work requirement will likely now be overturned by the courts after a similar requirement passed in Arkansas was just overturned by a federal court in Washington D.C.

Additionally, the Medicaid Expansion Renewal vote is tragic for Big Sky conservatives because the bill provides for tax-payer funded abortions.

As Montana gears up for the 2021 session, it’s important to be reminded who the Republicans were who voted with Democrats on this issue to provide tax-payer funded abortions through the Medicaid Expansion Renewal.

Republicans who crossed-over with Democrats to vote for HB658 in the House include:

Fred Anderson, Nancy Ballance, David Bedey, Ed Buttrey, Geraldine Custer, Ross Fitzgerald, Rodney Garcia, Frank Garner, Sharon Greef, Bruce Grubbs, Kenneth Holmlund, Mike Hopkins, Llew Jones, Joel Krautter, Wendy McKamey, Denley Loge, Eric Moore, Walt Sales, Ray Shaw, Marvin Weatherwax, and Tom Welch.

Republicans who crossed-over with Democrats to vote for HB658 in the Senate include:

Duane Ankney, Steve Fitzpatrick, Terry Gauthier, Butch Gillespie, Daniel Salomon, Jason Small, Russ Tempel, and Jeffery Welborn.


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  1. Good afternoon I thought I would let you know that I RODNEY GARCIA State Representative did not vote for expanded Medicaid I was at home burying my father but if I had I would have voted against due to the corruption of the program. My boss is the people of my District for the last 47 years of service To my community and State


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