Williams Picks Eastern Montana Farmer as Lt. Governor Running Mate


Whitney Williams has spent her life largely in causes not ordinarily associated with Eastern Montana values. Williams first worked as an intern for the Clinton Administration, then the Trips Director for Hillary Clinton, and later as the Finance Co-chair for the 2008 Hillary Clinton Campaign. Working for globalist organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations, there is much for Eastern Montana voters to be concerned about.

Bill Clinton and Whitney Williams, 1994

However, Williams’ pick for Lt. Governor is a bold attempt to change Montana’s impression that she’s a big-city liberal with big-city ideas. Choosing a farmer to soften her Washington D.C. edges might be the ticket, or at least her campaign apparently believes.

The Williams Campaign for Montana governor has announced her running mate, Culbertson-area local farmer, Milo “Buzz” Mattelin (67).

Mattelin’s political leanings are largely unknown, although he was appointed by both Governor Brian Schweitzer and Governor Bullock to the Montana Wheat and Barley Committee. Neighbors of Mattelin between the Eastern Montana towns of Culbertson and Brockton claim that “Mattelin once fancied himself a Republican.”

Local sources also suggest that Mattelin is a good friend of Governor Schweitzer, which probably explains the connection between the Berkeley environmental activist and the farmer.

A pick like Mattelin, who is largely known for his advocacy for barley growers, is likely needed by Williams to be competitive in Eastern Montana. With her F-rating from the National Rifle Association, however, it may not be enough to sway conservative voters.

Mattelin, who will be a hair’s breadth away from the governorship should Williams be elected and by some unforeseen problem be able to serve, has no experience in elected office.

Williams is used to being seen with men slightly less earthy than Buzz Mattelin. She can be seen laughing it up with then-president Bill Clinton (above) and walking the red carpet with Hollywood super-liberal, Ben Affleck (right).

Williams probably won’t be seen any time soon gracing the red carpet with a Hollywood heartthrob on her arm, but in Montana with Buzz Mattelin nearby. The contrast could not seem greater for Eastern Montana voters trying to figure out who Whitney Williams really is.

One voter put it this way in an online forum commenting on Williams’ pick, “Are we to believe that she’s one of us now? Will people fall for this? And here’s a better question, ‘Does Buzz even know what he’s getting into?'”

They added, “Maybe Hollywood Williams is going country. We’ll have to see if the country will go Hollywood Williams.”


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