Kathleen Williams Touts Endorsement of ‘Green Decoy’ Dark Money Group


Last week, U.S. Congressional candidate, Kathleen Williams, touted the endorsement of ‘Montana Conservation Voters.’ However, careful research demonstrates that the group has little connection with Montana voters at all. In fact, the organization is listed among the ‘Green Decoy’ dark money groups that masquerade as local sportsman’s groups but in reality are funded by out-of-state, radical environmentalist organizations.

On February 28, Williams claimed on her public Twitter page, “Honored to have the endorsement of the Montana Conservation Voters and to be able to speak in front of them tonight! Montanans deserve a representative that will to [sic] prioritize our environment and public lands” (see below).

A cursory glance would have Montana voters presume that Williams is being honored by a full-time advocacy organization consisting of Montanans and funded by Montanans. However, this organization is anything but that.

According to Green Decoys, “MCV’s education fund has received over $3 million in foundation money. Almost none of this money came from Montana groups.”

Additionally, “The largest donor is the Brainerd Foundation ($1.5 million) in Seattle. Other donors include the Wyss Foundation, funded by foreign billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, and the Tides Foundation, a liberal ‘money laundry foundation based in San Francisco.”

These organizations – the Brainer Foundation, the Wyss Foundation, and the Tides Foundation – are principle dark money donors to Democrats who pledge to help their agenda to close off lands rather than open them. Driven by environmental extremism, these organizations get money into local campaigns through surrogate shell groups like “Montana Conservation Voters.”

Green Decoys describes the make-up of Montana Conservation Voters, “Executive director Clayton Elliot used to work for the Montana Wilderness Association. Program director Neal Ullman worked for Democratic U.S. Reps. John Dingell and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Field director Ross Prosperi formerly worked for Democratic U.S. Senator Jon Tester. Political director Shelbi Dantic previously lobbied for Montana PIRG, part of a family of left-leaning Naderite organizations.”

In 2018, Montana Conservation Voters donated and endorsed Democrats for office exclusively.

Their endorsement for Williams reads, “Kathleen feels just as comfortable rolling up her sleeves for work in rural fields and streams as she does under the Capitol roof.”

It is unknown if Williams, who received her education at the University of California Berkeley, has ever worked “in rural fields” before, but she has served the Environmental Quality Council for the Montana Legislature and as a Water Program Manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.


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