More Montanans Believing in “Climate Change,” Says New Poll


Montanans might have noticed cities around the state passing resolutions to make their cities carbon-neutral or run by 100% renewable energy (despite the technology not existing yet), including most recently Helena and Missoula. Although the state may be decades away from being able to power-up efficiently with leprechaun gold and unicorn pellets, more and more Montanans are eager to ditch petroleum and coal, two industries vital to Montana’s economy.

According to a recent poll, these resolutions of wishful-thinking may be the result of increasing numbers of Montanans believing in climate change. The 2020 Conservation in the West poll, conducted by Colorado College, Montanans have seen a 3% increase in those who believe the climate doomsday prophecies from 2019. That’s a 12% increase from 2011.

According to Corina McKendry, director of the State of the Rockies Project at Colorado College, in a press release, “The urgency and demand for action behind those feelings is now intensifying as voters in the West increasingly believe their lands and lifestyles are coming under attack from the impacts of climate change and energy development.”

Reportedly, 57% of Montanans agreed that immediate action should be taken to stave off worst-case-scenarios of climate damage.

The rise is likely due to Montana’s university system which regularly features climate alarmists and considers their proposals to overhaul the state economy to reflect the latest fads in climate ‘science.’ The Montana Daily Gazette has reported on this trend in the article, Climate Alarmist to Suggest Economic Overhauls at MSU Event.

On August 10, 1969, the New York Times predicted that the entire population of the world would ‘disappear in blue steam’ by 1989. On April 16, 1970, the Boston Globe predicted that the world would enter the ice age by the year 2000. On January 5, 1978, the New York Times predicted possibly a civilization-ending 30-year cooling trend. These dire predictions continued, even though the predictions began to center on global warming. On December 14, 2008, former Vice President Al Gore claimed we only had ten years to save the polar ice caps. They’ve since grown in volume. And in 2009, Prince Andrew of Great Britain claimed we only had 96 months to save the world from impending ecological disaster. And now, climate alarmist, Greta Thornberg, might just win the Nobel Prize for insisting that the world needs to get rid of capitalism in order to save itself from climate change.

One wonders how far Montanans are willing to go in crippling their economy to act on climate predictions today that will likely be proven false tomorrow.


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