After Tester Voted to Let Babies Die, Fellow Colleague Rips Dems for Supporting Infanticide


Montana Senator Jon Tester mortified many of his constituents with his ghastly party-line vote to let babies born from botched abortions die without medical treatment. The Montana Daily Gazette wrote about that shocking vote in the article, Jon Tester Votes to Let Already-Born Babies Die Without Medical Treatment. The vote may come back to haunt him, and his colleagues in the U.S. Senate aren’t letting the issue die quite as easily as Tester would let babies perish.

Tester and other Senate Democrats, with the exception of Senators Jones, Manchin, and Casey, refused to mandate medical treatment for the infants in a vote that failed to pass with a 60 vote majority in what turned out to be 56-41 division. All Republican senators voted to save the life of babies who survived the in-womb assassination and made it out into the world unsaved. Democrats, on the other hand, were concerned that treating “unwanted babies” might hurt abortion rights.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) had harsh words for Tester’s Democrat caucus during a Fox News interview.

Cotton said, “Let’s get to the root of the issue here: Chuck Schumer and the Democrats filibustered legislation that would prevent infanticide of a young baby that survives an abortion, prevent late-term abortion of infants that can feel pain in their mother’s womb.”

Cotton added, “These are depraved practices that no civilized society should permit, yet, the Democrats are so radical on abortion that they’d filibuster those bills in lockstep. That’s the real issue at stake here.”

Tester has been silent regarding his vote, which would allow abortionists not to treat living babies. Some have suggested that Tester is unconvinced that Montana voters are paying close attention to his voting record in Washington.

Tester is heavily promoted among abortion extremists like NARAL (see below).

However, pro-family and pro-baby groups are busy warning Montanans that Tester’s smiling, jovial exterior is a ruse for someone with unconscionable medical ethics.

Montanans will have to decide which Jon Tester is the real Jon Tester. Will it be the one on the campaign trail in Montana or the one inside the Washington Beltway?

There is not much contrast between Tester’s voting record on life issues to that of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York), Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) or front-running presidential primary contender, Joe Biden during his tenure in the U.S. Senate.

Certainly, as things heat up this election season, Tester’s colleagues – like Senator Tom Cotton – will not quickly let him or his Democratic peers forget this vote any time soon. The question is if Montana voters will remember.


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