As Bullock Files for Senate, Montanans Looking Closer At His Treatment of Women


The scandal that plagued Montana Governor Steve Bullock in 2015 seems to be coming back to haunt him. As Bullock officially filed for office this morning, something the Montana Daily Gazette first predicted on February 27, Montanans are taking a closer look at what is reported by many sources to be his pattern of mistreating women.

In November of 2015, Lt. Gov. Angela McLean suddenly resigned from her office. Bullock and many liberalized press outlets reported that it was because Bullock didn’t want LcLean to run for another term. When asked why McLean had resigned, Bullock answered at a press conference, “it wasn’t that good a fit….I think this kind of ground has been covered.” 

However, soon emails circulated that revealed something else was afoot. As the Resurgent points out, it was, “a hostile workplace spawned by the Governor and sustained by the darkness that descends when government staffers, journalists, and opposition party members choose to appease power rather than pursue principles.”

Chiefly, Bullock seems to have violated regulations of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, which specify that an employer, manager, or supervisor can run afoul of the law in regards to sexual misconduct even if they aren’t forcing women into nonconsensual of coerced acts.

It reads, “Managers who engage in widespread sexual favoritism may also communicate a message that the way for women to get ahead in the workplace is by engaging in sexual conduct or that sexual solicitations are a prerequisite to their fair treatment.  This can form the basis of an implicit “quid pro quo” harassment claim for female employees, as well as a hostile environment claim for both women and men who find this offensive.”

An ethics complaint filed by Brad Tschida (R-Missoula) alleged that Bullock was showing favoritism to certain women, chiefly by letting them use Montana-paid aircraft to fly his “closer” female colleagues around the state for personal reasons, including flying a female employee to attend a Paul McCartney concert with him for a seat (on paper) reserved for Bullock’s wife, who was not in attendance. The Democrat-run Commission for Political Practices attempted to cover-up that complaint and bury it. When Tschida provided a copy of the complaint to legislators, he was threatened with a criminal violation (since then, the Supreme Court ruled he – unsurprisingly – had the freedom of speech).

As the Resurgent points out, Bullock’s sexplay-for-pay scandal was never adequately covered by Montana newspapers but, “The McLean scandal is now one that cries out for a serious investigation by serious out-of-state journalists.”

They continue, “Control of the U.S. Senate next year may well depend upon Montana’s race. Bullock’s candidacy could profoundly impact national politics.  It deserves national scrutiny – the kind Roy Moore’s received.”


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