Rep. Krautter (HD35) Took Money From Planned Parenthood Partner


A review of Rep. Joel Krautter (HD35) campaign contributions reveals that he took cash largely from leftist donors in 2019. With only two donations coming from his voting district and 94% of donations coming from Western Montana (the majority in Helena), Krautter received money from 9 attorneys and 16 lobbyists, including those in the health care industry that supported the Medicaid Expansion Renewal he voted for with House Democrats last year.

Additionally, 12 known Democrats donated to Krautter’s campaign. These include Tester supporter, Joe Wilhauer, Melissa Lewis (whose husband ran as a Democrat for the House in 2014), Pete Delmore (a Democrat County Attorney in Lewis and Clark County), Rebecca Connors (a Democrat who serves as the Helena Public Relations Officer), Sean Morrison (a former Max Bauchus appointee), Ellen Livers (a Democrat Party supporter who recently held a fundraiser for Democrat Attorney General candidate Ralph Graybill), and Sheila Hogan (a former Democrat House candidate). Additionally, every Republican legislator who donated to the Kruatter campaign has a present or past (if they are retired) “F” grade in party loyalty from Legistats (5 total) and caucus with the leftist Solutions Caucus.

Notice how the breakdown of jobs of Krautter-donors comes out (note: some donors’ careers could not be found; these represent all known careers of donors):

However, despite almost all of Krautter’s donors coming from Western Montana liberals, Democrats, lobbyists, and F-ranking Republicans, one donor, in particular, is an astounding addition to his supporter list.

Blair Fjeseth is the former communications director for Linda McCulloch (Democrat). She is also the Executive Director of Powerhouse Montana, a women’s organization with liberal extremist ties.

Powerhouse Montana (seen above) says its goal is to “connect Montana women to the mentors and resources they need to succeed…”

One of those resources they refer people to, apparently, is Planned Parenthood. Look at the screenshot from their website below.

And yet, Krautter claimed on his Facebook page this morning, “It’s disappointing to see politically motivated misrepresentations, but I’m glad to highlight my pro-life work, set the record straight, and help people be better able to identify fake news.”

He continued, “The fact is I have a pro-life voting record. I received a 100 percent rating from the pro-life Montana Family Foundation.”

The Montana Daily Gazette spoke this morning to Jeff Laszloffy of the Montana Family Foundation who insisted that their scorecards were being misused by Krautter and other Democrat-crossover candidates to defend their vote on Medicaid Expansion. The Montana Family Foundation specifically warned the public that Medicaid Expansion would pay for both abortions and “gender alignment” surgeries (see their memo here).

According to Laszloffy, in response to Republicans trying to defend their Medicaid vote based on the Montana Family Foundation scorecards, they will soon be issuing a press release explaining that the scores do not currently reflect the Medicaid Expansion vote and candidates should not defend their Medicaid vote on that basis.

Krautter’s defense on his candidacy Facebook page gave pointers on how to determine “fake news,” an obvious insult to this publication. However, as detailed in the article Some Montana Republicans Fudging the Facts on Medicaid Abortion Funding, contrary to Krautter and his fellow Legistats F-ranking colleague, Nancy Ballance, Medicaid absolutely does pay for abortions and bodily mutilation surgeries – so says the Montana Family Foundation.

Additionally, Krautter claimed that his vote for Medicaid Expansion included a provision for a work-requirement. However, Krautter did not explain on his Facebook page that this work requirement has been overturned by the federal courts and that Medicaid Expansion will go on without it.

Referring to genuine pro-lifers as “extremists” several times in his Facebook post (which must by default include the Montana Family Foundation), Krautter seems content to chock up concerns as “fake news.”

Meanwhile, the voters of HD35 need to consider his fake conservatism.


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  1. Sure would like to see a complete list of the lobbyists who donated to him. Could they make that COPP website any less user friendly?


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