Activism Public Service Commission Candidate Asks Missoula School to Indoctrinate...

Public Service Commission Candidate Asks Missoula School to Indoctrinate Kids on the “Climate Crisis”


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A climate alarmist and environmentalist who works with the radical Sierra Club, Daniel Carklino, is running for the Montana Public Service Commission. Carilino was present at the City Club Missoula forum yesterday, and inquired of the school district exactly how much it was going to focus on indoctrinating kids on “climate change” in the future. The Missoula City Superintendent predicted, “a lot more.”

The Montana Public Service Commission is comprised of one elected commissioner per each of the five geographical districts in the state. The purpose of the commission is to ensure that utility ratepayers have access to services that are affordable and reliable. The PSC also maintains oversight on rail safety, pipelines, and taxis services.

Carilino, who is 22-years-old, claims that being an intern at the Sierra Club, volunteering with an environmentalist organization in Missoula, and growing herbs qualifies him to serve on the utility regulatory board. The candidate seems intent on using his aspired position to combat global warming.

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At the City Club Missoula Forum, Carlino reportedly asked, “What more will MCPS add to the curriculum to give all students the skills necessary to systematically stop the climate crisis?”

With Missoula high school students’ ACT scores being in a multi-year decline, one might think their focus should be on reading, writing, and arithmetic. But, environmentalists like the Sierra Club (with whom Carlino has served) believe the Earth is on a quick trajectory to cataclysm. Education can wait. Indoctrination, on the other hand, presents an imminent need.

The first president of the Sierra Club, David Brower, said in 1970, “[a]ll potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.” Brower claimed that parents shouldn’t be having children because they wouldn’t live long with the impending environmental doomsday. Oddly enough, had Carlino’s parents believed Brower, he would never have been born.

The Sierra Club has campaigns entitled “Beyond Coal,” “Beyond Oil,” “Beyond Natural Gas,” and also opposes large-scale hydropower, nuclear power, and in total they resist power sources that provide 95% of America’s electricity. One might wonder how Carlino plans to keep Montana’s electric power coming.

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Although Carilino is content to peddle around Missoula in his solar-car/bicycle hybrid, most of Montana’s consumers might have a tougher time getting around the Big Sky State in a world that is “beyond oil.” Carilino’s solution is high-speed rail, which has put California in the economic hole to the tune of 79 billion dollars, which is approximately 12-times the entire annual Montana state budget.

Upon asking how Missoula can better indoctrinate kids on the “climate crisis,” Superintendent Rob Watson said, “We can do a lot more. We’re constantly looking at what we’re doing in the curriculum and looking at what we can add, and this is an area where we can do better and we recognize that.”

Watson then mentioned that solar panels installed on the high school’s roof (provided via government grants) are helping students get the point that the environment is important.

Montana’s energy industry, including coal and petroleum, currently provide a significant portion of Montana’s budget. One wonders what industry will be taxed to provide high-speed rail and Flintstone cars should they go out of business.

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