Democrats Sending Anti-Semitic Texts to Montana Voters


Establishment Democrats, those most closely affiliated with the Democratic National Convention, are desperately wanting to stave off the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in late primary states like Montana. Sanders is fighting back to maintain viability in his long-shot odds at winning the Democratic nomination. But whichever side – Biden or Sanders – is sending antisemitic texts to Montana voters is cross the threshold into indecency.

Several Montana residents with the state’s 406 area code have reported to the Montana Daily Gazette that they have received the same text from a phone number registered in Huntersville, North Carolina that is listed on “scam-websites” as engaging in various kinds of possibly illegal scheming. Residents in Kalispell, Helena, and Miles City have received the text. This author, also in Montana, received the text independently from the North Carolina number on Thursday.

The text referred to “Zionists,” a term often used by alt-right antisemitic groups, and claimed that Sanders was trying to stop “Zionism.”

Zionism was originally a term denoting a post-WWII movement to establish an Israeli homeland in what is now the nation of Israel.

However, that term has since been blended with Nazi rhetoric used to express various antisemitic conspiracy theories involving a supposed Jewish desire to rule the world. Today, it is often used by extremists who allege that Jews are trying to overtake American government, media, entertainment or business.

Ironically, Sanders ethnically is Jewish (although his religious observance of Judaism has been absent from his private or public life for many decades). It seems odd that Sanders would be trying to stop “Zionism,” although he has close ties and friendships with many antisemites, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour, and Rashida Tlaib. Additionally, Sanders is extremely popular among the American Muslim population and has made Faiz Shakir his campaign manager. Muslims who have endorsed Sanders include Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Connecticut Senator Saud Anwar, Iowa State Representative Ako Abdul-Samad, Michigan State Representative Abdullah Hammoud, and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Abdul El-Sayed.

Additionally, the Muslim Caucus of AmericaCAIR-CA Action and Emgage PAC have all endorsed Sanders. So have a number of writers hostile to Israel, including Blair ImaniNoura ErakatAmer ZahrSuhaib Webb, and Hoda Katebi. Most of this support has come to Sanders by his consistent refusal to recognize the state of Israel to exist and his decades-long defense of various Palestinian organizations who engage in terrorism against Israel.

However, it is just as likely that the Democratic establishment, in the corner for Biden, are sending the texts to cause outrage against Sanders for being blatantly antisemitic. One thing is true, however; it is highly unlikely that Republicans are sending the antisemitic texts in the heat of a Democratic primary because it would make little sense, without the dust from the primary even yet being settled. This is a fight among Democrats.

The party of “diversity, tolerance, and inclusion” seems to be engaging in some hateful strategies to win Montana’s Democratic vote.


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