Activism Missoula Activists Drive to Caras Park to Stage "Die-In"...

Missoula Activists Drive to Caras Park to Stage “Die-In” Protest Of Fossil Fuels


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Missoula activists recently drove from their homes to Caras Park in order to stage a “die-in” in protest of the fossil fuels that got them there. It may not make sense to most Montanans, but it doesn’t have to. It’s Missoula.

Dozens of “greenies” lied prostrate on the ground, dressed in black, to symbolize the dead from an oil spill. Their target for criticism was the TransCanada pipeline, whose company operates pipelines that take oil to refineries so that consumers can put gasoline into their vehicles (which you can see in the background below).

One protester, Josh Decker, is cited by the Missoulian as saying, “TransCanada builds with impunity wherever they build, and we’re going to build a pipeline right through a public park.”

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It is unknown if TransCanada has built any pipelines through public parts, but the protestors continued with their enactment of a “human oil spill.”

Utilizing a coping mechanism common in fragility culture known as “catstrophization,” in which one imagines the worst possible exaggerated outcomes of something one doesn’t like, the protestors placed a sign on the Higgins Avenue Bridge saying, “KEYSTONE XL KILLS.”

Pipelines, like KeystoneXL, statistically save lives because oil doesn’t have to be transferred by rail, which is a much more dangerous form of communication. In fact, some studies show that pipelines save up to six lives per year over rail transportation.

The left-leaning Missoulian said matter-of-factly in their coverage, “Fossil-fuel use is driving up temperatures in Montana and around the world.” The debate is still out (the earth has been cooling for the last ten years and warming patterns do not follow industrial growth), but energy companies like TransCanada (now TC Energy) are the largest investors in renewable energy in the world, with TC Energy at one time investing more than 430 million in wind farms.

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