Planned Parenthood Selfishly Putting Montana At Risk For Coronavirus Spread


Directives from the Centers for Disease Control could not be more clear. All non-essential health services should be postponed until a later date. President Donald J. Trump issued a similar directive just today, urging all non-essential medical procedures to be rescheduled until the threat of coronavirus passes. All around Montana, non-essential businesses are being urged to close up shop. Non-essential medical clinics have been urged by health officials to stop services so they don’t put a drain on the already-short supply on medical equipment.

Planned Parenthood, which takes the lives of nearly 400 thousand babies each year to make more than 1.6 billion dollars in profit, doesn’t seem interested in sparing medical supplies for the coronavirus epidemic. Additionally, they are putting patients at risk by having them go unnecessary medical procedures despite the government calling for unnecessary procedures to be postponed. Even in Montana, where they execute roughly 1,500 healthy babies each year, Planned Parenthood is still going strong in the pandemic.

The Montana Planned Parenthood website has a prominent statement that the clinics will stay open despite the potential risks associated with unnecessary medical “care” (see below).

The website goes on to add, “Rest assured, all Planned Parenthood of Montana’s health centers are taking necessary precaustions [sic] to protect our patients’ and staff members’ safety in light of the Coronavirus.”

Apparently, closing doors in adherence to health guidelines – and thus closing their cash registers – is not a part of “necessary precautions.”

As usual, women will get the short end of the stick at Planned Parenthood clinics. Now, they won’t even be allowed to have someone there for support, with the website adding, “Only patients are allowed in our health centers. If you were told to have an escort for your visit, please ask them to meet you after your appointment.”

Not even minor children will be allowed to have their parents with them when they go in for the life-ending procedure (something that Planned Parenthood has lobbied for, for years).

The abortion clinics do not provide any type of coronavirus testing or legitimate health care associated with coronavirus recovery. The website says so explicitly (see below).

Schools are closing. Churches are closing. Businesses are closing. Non-essential health service clinics are closing. All of the above are closing in the Montana around the state. But for now, Planned Parenthood seems intent on staying open, hoarding essential medical supplies that would be far better dedicated to coronavirus recovery.


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  1. God forbid if something gets in the way of providing abortions with our tax money
    What do you suppose this non-profit does with the billions they make from killing babies?


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