Montana National Guard Has Been Activated. But For What?


Montana press outlets have been relatively silent about the Montana National Guard being activated in the wake of coronavirus. The only outlets reporting their activation have been publications associated with the United States Military. With Montanans on edge, Governor Steve Bullock should be clear about why the guard has been called out and for what purpose.

The Military Times reports that the Montana National Guard is one of 22 state units now activated to combat COVID-19.

They write, “Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin have all activated Guard components.”

The Military Times adds, “The National Guard Bureau (NGB) on the federal level assists in ‘synchronization’ and planning between the states, and their coordination center is a ’24/7 operation working at increased capacity in anticipation of COVID-19 requirements.’

Additionally, the U.S. Army website reports that the Montana Guard has been activated.

They write, “Late last week, roughly 400 Guard members took action across six states against the coronavirus. As of Monday, those numbers surged to more than 650 troops in 15 states, and by Wednesday morning, more than 2,000 Guardsmen in 23 states responded to support civil authorities around the country.”

The website continues, “So far, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin have been called up.”

But they have been called up for what?

Where will the Montana guard be going? What will they be doing? Should Montanans expect to see them in the street? What is the purpose? How will they be assisting?

Officials said, “Their mission has kept them busy from drive-thru testing facilities, providing logistic support for healthcare professionals, decontaminating public spaces, and coordinating efforts shoulder-to-shoulder with state emergency responders, among other tasks.”

However, to date, most of these actions by guardsmen simply aren’t happening in Montana.

The only reference thus far to the Montana guard serving a role in coronavirus recovery has been from News Talk KGVO that states the guard escorted eight Montanans home from a contaminated cruise ship.

National Guard Public relations Officer Captain Dan Bushnell told the media, “has not yet been tasked with any missions dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic that has entered the state.” And yet, he said, “

“Right now the Montana National Guard is planning,” he said. “For any kind of an operation like this there’s a great logistical list that has to happen should the governor and the Adjutant General decide to activate the National Guard.

But the previously mentioned armed services websites state the guard is already activated. If so, what are they doing? And why?


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  1. That is a question that needs an answer. If they were activated it would be for one of two reasons. (1) To assist natural disaster teams in the event of an emergency, or (2) During time of Marshal Law to control civilians. The fact they have been activated, and as of yet have done nothing implies they are gearing up for something yet to come.

  2. Hey folks, due to the Govenor of the state I reside in, work right now is sketchy at best. I can’t afford any $. I would under normal circumstances as I’m no dummy, and I don’t exactly know what some big and powerful peeps are up to, but something, they definately are up to. I’m currently getting my news from Al Jezera because I believe they have no real motive to lie, and i find them to be more accurate than our news. The idea of this is ludicrous, and seems pretty much traitorous to some degree. What I can do though is get data out of Google no one else can and uh, I expect you would have noticed that about the time the covid 19 thing began, Google began hiding certain querries, especially ones with advanced search operators. They are doing this with phony error 404 messages that make it seem like the web server cant find the resource, but 404 from Google is out of pocket. Google doesn’t handle anything other than searching for matches in its cache against sites it has already indexed. There is absolutely no way you can tell me that prior to 2020 there was no research done on engineering viruses in the same order as coronaviruses. However, if one punches “engineered coronaviruses” beforedate: after having to mark the always present check box when you access data with Google dorks you get an error 404 messages from google! If they don’t have anything in their cache then no results are returned, you get error 404 when after Google presents its results and the user picks one, your system sends a request to your DNS which sends back the ip address where that resource is located, and when your browser routes to that address, and nothing is there then the hot server ends your browser that error, again not Google. One can see some odd html on those pages as well. Anyway im or was an ethical hacker before this all began, now im kinda stuck, so if you all need anything hit me up. I developed um a few like well I have quite a bit of success with finding vulnerable code, and have 46 0-days I developed while looking at exploits I found due to shear boredom, and had to do something. I reported most of them, just the ones I have on proprietary software used by certain entities that I feel fill everyones bead with crap, well let’s just say what comes around, goes around. They shouldn’t have left proprietary code on github public facing archives and they wouldn’t be in this situation.


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