Montana’s Far-Left Republicans Rename Group “Conservative Solutions Caucus”


A group of far-left Republicans in the Montana House and Senate who regularly caucus with Democrats rather than conservative lawmakers, previously known as the ‘Solutions Caucus,’ have gone through a number of names in an attempt to rebrand their liberal image. The group has established a new Facebook page with an adjective added on to their previous name. The Solutions Caucus, which consists of the most leftward Republicans in the Montana legislature, is now calling themselves the Conservative Solutions Caucus.

Voters and constituents immediately responded to the new page and sudden name change by reporting the group to Facebook for using a fraudulent name, scoffing at the additional word that seems to deride, if not mock, regular voters who have noticed their voting record. Others were legitimately concerned the terminology conservative was a bold attempt to mislead gullible voters.

The group, led by Llew Jones (R-Conrad), has an almost ubiquitous F-ranking from Legistats, the impartial and computer-automated party loyalty scoring system. Most of the “Conservative” Solutions Caucus members voted for abortion-funding through their vote to pass the Medicaid Expansion Renewal in 2018.

Conservative Republicans have listed the following candidates as left-leaning Republicans prone to Caucus with Democrats: Frank Garner (Kalispel), Denley Loge (St. Regis), Ross Fitzgerald (Choteau), Llew Jones (Shelby), Wendy McKamey (Great Falls), Kenneth Holmlund (Miles City), Julie Dooling (Townsend), Tom Welch (Dillon), David Bedey (Hamilton), Sharon Greef (Florence), Mike Hopkins (Missoula), Steve Fitzpatrick (Great Falls), Tom Richmond (Billings), Jeffrey Welborn (Dillon), Terry Gauthier (Helena), and Daniel Saloman (Missoula).

That list is not exclusive, and there are likely others.

The Facebook group for the “Conservative” Solutions Caucus is managed by Rob Cook (R-Conrad), now termed-out of office, who also has an F-ranking in party loyalty. In fact, in 2017, Cook was ranked 57 out of 59 legislators in party loyalty, crossing over to vote with Democrats a whopping 244 times in a single session.

This group, now the “Conservative” Solutions Caucus, was previously the Solutions Caucus. Their addition of the word conservative is probably due to the work of party conservatives who have noted that they have a tendency to side with the Democratic Party on important bills. However, prior to that, the group was known as Responsible Republicans.

The origin of this group, while shifting names like a chameleon changes color, originally began in 2007 when the liberal cohort of the Republican Party met secretly in a Helena log-cabin with then-governor, Brian Schweitzer. Since then, the group of leftist Republicans have managed to side with Montana’s Democrats to pass bill after bill to be signed by the Democrat governor’s pen, busting state budgets and growing the size of the state government.


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  1. Might I point out, in the list of RINOs in this group, conspicuously absent is the architect of permanent Medicaid Expansion: Ed Buttrey.
    He and Llew Jones have led this group, brokered back-room deals with Bullock and democrat leaders.

    Buttrey’s duplicity and rejection of voters’ wishes is the reason I am primarying him in HD21.

    Sally Tucker for HD21

    • Also conspicuously absent is Nancy Ballance who betrayed her constituents by voting FOR Medicaid Expansion and therefore abortion funding even though the voters of Ravalli County voted AGAINST Medicaid Expansion.

  2. Fundamentally, the term Conservative is an empty shell. The simple definition is; “one who resists change”; expanded to; “one who wishes to keep things the way they are”. The term conservative – like the term Liberal (not to be confused with “Classic Liberalism”) – is very much tied to time and place. An example would be 1955 (time ) sovIet uNion and United States (place). Compare. In the soViet unioN, a conservative wanted things to stay communist while in the U.S. the conservative wanted things to stay Americanist. At some level the Left is responsible for the prevarication of both word – primarily thru the constant miss-use in the media. Neither term has an actual set of principles to stand upon. For instance, in the same time and places both conservatives and liberals switched places. Liberals in sOviet Russia wanted to change things to Americanism (at least to some degree) while American liberals wanted Communism (calling it socialism).

    The Truth is that our Founders were Classical Liberals and the King’s Torres were the same ol’ confused conservatives. They wanted to promote a “New” God-given set of Principles; Americanism. They defined this ism in the “Declaration of Independence”.

    Adam Weishaupt first defined Communism (the man-god) in the planks of the Illuminati in May 1776. Karl Marx copped the credit for the lies of one world order to call it the Communism in “his” Manifesto. The manifesto is simple a group of evil principles that actually give definition to Communism – immune to both time and place. Likewise, Americanism is the same no matter when and where.

    I despise both terms equally because their hollowness has all kinds of lies attached to them – they really mean nothing. I am an Americanist and I can tell you exactly what the mean. The “sociAlist” Caucus are Communist and I can tell you exactly what that means too.

    To the point of the above article; the “sociaList” caucus is not conservative on the simple grounds that THEY WANT CHANGE – so even without the question of principles they don’t even fit the simple definition.

    I hate lies! I am not a conservative. I am a Classic Liberal in the sense of our Christian Founders! They got their Ideas from God and the First Republic I am aware of – the ancient Hebrew Nation at the time of the Judges. Communism is even more ancient, having begun (so far as we know) at the Tower of Babel. Both of these Principle Set, Americanism and Communism, translate into the spiritual realm. Americanism was in the Garden where God said, “you can eat of any tree but that one. For in the day that you CHOOSE to eat of that tree you will surely die. Yet Adam (Eve being equally Adam in God’s eyes) chose to disobey and become his own god! That struggle has advanced ever since.



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