Montana Conservatives Find Creative Way to Show Joel Krautter’s Liberal Voting Record


Conservative Republicans around the state are eager to change the ratio of conservative to liberal Republicans in the Montana legislature. Montana has been inundated with Democrats who are running on the Republican ticket, finding a convenient way to change the balance of power in the Big Sky legislature while deceiving voters back at home in their districts. In a plan fostered first between liberal Republican leader, Llew Jones, and Governor Schweitzer in 2007, several dozen leftwing politicians have successfully been added to the Republican party numbers in Montana legislature, even though they caucus regularly with Democrats.

Paid for by Manzella for Montana Senate District 44 – Republican. Theresa Manzella, Treasurer. PO Box 1100, Hamilton, MT 59840

Several groups affiliated loosely with the conservative Republican caucus, entitled the “38 Special” (last session, there were 38 house Republicans in this caucus) are trying feverishly to inform voters that their representatives may not belong in the party they say they support. Chief among these are Nancy Ballance, Joel Krautter, Eric Moore, and approximately 20 others who have earned the scorn of their conservative counterparts.

One group seeking to inform the public of Llew Jones’ leftist “Manchurian candidates” is Legistats, which uses an impartial computer-generated algorithm to assign grades or scores to Republicans who vote with Democrats on controversial bills. In their system’s scoring, bills with bipartisan support (mostly inconsequential procedural votes) are factored out so that the public can see how the “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only) commonly side with the Democrats in partnership with Montana’s Democratic governor.

Releasing a number of videos over the weekend, Legistats provided a unique demonstration to illustrate just how liberal these legislators are. And they found an ingenious way to demonstrate the liberalism of Joel Krautter, in particular (pictured below).

First holding up a spreadsheet of cross-over votes by Republican leaders, which amounted to a page or two, Lonny Bergstrom is pictured above (right) holding up a spreadsheet of Joel Krautter’s crossover votes. It stretched all the way to the ceiling and then dangled with many feet upon the floor (pictured below). The ceiling was too short to provide enough room for his hundreds of Democrat crossover votes.

It’s undeniable that Krautter, like Ballance, Jones, Moore and others, are staunch allies of the Montana Democratic Party. The only question their constituents need to ask is why they are running as Republicans.

Watch the video of their presentation below.


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