Governor Bullock Mocks Christians At Easter With Executive Order For “Magical Easter Bunny”


Montana Governor Steve Bullock is one of the few governors who have not provided exemptions to ‘shelter-in-place’ orders to houses of worship, even though he has explicitly provided exemptions to pot dispensaries, Planned Parenthood, and liquor stores. In what seems like a cruel and mocking executive order, Governor Bullock has declared “Easter Bunnies and Other Magical Creatures” to be essential workers.

In the midst of his mockery, churches worshipping their non-imaginary deities still can’t gather for worship on Easter Sunday without extreme limitations.

As Montanans around the state are legitimately grieving being separate from their church families and the sacraments like Holy Communion on Christianity’s most sacred holiday, the Democratic governor took time to make provisions for a secularized myth, sacred religious tradition be damned.

Claiming, “Magical entities perform essential services outside the scope of human ability,” Bullock also decreed that unicorns, friendly dragons, and tooth fairies are permitted to do their jobs.

While secularists laugh, those of sincere religious faith are saddened by this insensitive mockery. Some Montanans take their faith very seriously and such a declaration is calloused and uses the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as an impetus to make jokes.

Governor Bullock, you can have the Easter Bunny. Give us our churches back this Resurrection Day.


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  1. How the heck did this guy ever get elected? Time to revisit the polls and be rid of this disease called socialism.

  2. “Do you pray for your enemies”, asks the Holy Spirit? King Belshazzar took accoutrements of the Holy Temple for his blasphemous festivals against the God of Israel. Upon the wall, written; “numbered, numbered, weighed and divide.” That night the Mede-Persian army diverted the River and marched under the wall to stormed the city! The King was slain. The city was given to General Darius. Pray for mercy for this now marked little fool who jokes at this same God! God has a way of showing His Hand…

    • I agree . I would say there’s many more examples in the Bible , but one wouldn’t want to ‘upset their Dreamer World’ . What is happening shows the depth of increasing divide between those we elected ( HIRED ! ) , and those paying their wages & , ‘coincidentally only’ in their minds ? , expecting to get a fair shake for our money . Are The Regular Folks of Montana , now to be disregarded as ‘ non-essentials ‘ by those we hire to —ummmm ‘ Perform the obligations to uphold and support the Country and the Constitution of the United States of America ‘ ? Hey you fairy landers , better pay close attention , when the Document refers to ‘ We The People ‘ it means YOU too , WE do – Why not YOU . ( There’s no question mark needed here , it’s a statement of facts some legislators have no regard for- evidently . The proof is in the pudding , which lately kinda smells .

  3. My goodness, people. Get a grip! He was not mocking anyone or anything. This was meant for the littles who are looking forward to the baskets and egg hunts that are an American tradition. This is a governor who understands that the small ones we love and care for are scared and uncertain during this pandemic. He is a kind gentleman. Let go of the petty politics and allow for humanity. Show some grace.
    I pray for the makers and readers of this.
    I am an eastern Montanan Democrat and Christian.

  4. He’s just copying the New Zealand prime minister, who started it, and other governors that followed suit. It’s just stealing other peoples ideas and claiming them as your own. It’s dishonest really.

  5. Please tell me that you understand that the order is about giving children hope in a time of uncertainty? Mockery was clearly not intended. Watch services online. This will pass. It’s not very Christian to criticize the governor for giving a small gift to children during this time.

  6. Take ’em back. Ignore the orders shuttering them. “Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me an my house, we will serve Jehovah.”

  7. I like what you just wrote, Derrell. I actually saw another of your comments on “Montana’s Far Left Republicans Renaming Group”. Very interesting! And impressive! What I would like to add, though, is that Messiah Yeshua was put to death on the execution stake on Passover, raised from the dead on First Fruits , and the Holy (set apart) Spirit was given to INDWELL believers on Shavuot, (Feast of Weeks). “Easter/Ishtar” is a nothing burger! The Feasts of YHVH are the “Appointed Times”, that were ordained by the Creator, and the New Covenant, like the “New” moon, is NOT a brand new covenant. It actually is, “the Law/Torah written on the heart and in the minds” of the recipients of the New/Renewed Covenant. That, according to Jeremiah 31:31-33 in the Tanakh and Hebrews 8:8-10 in the Apostolic Scriptures. And actually, the writing on the wall is “weighed in the balance and found wanting”. Yes, we must pray for mercy FOR ALL OF US! And you are so correct, YHVH “does have a way of showing His hand”.

  8. On Good Friday, much of the Christian world fasted and prayed for Gods intervention in the pandemic and economy. Justice is coming as surely as those words on the wall. Sure hope to be on the right side of history….

  9. If Governor Bullock is NOT a Christian I choose to to receive any more emails from him. Take me off the list .

  10. I wonder if the decree also includes talking animals, gryphons, nymphs, dryads, fauns, centaurs, phoenixes, minotaurs, satyrs, cyclops, boggles and hags. Along with unicorns and Father Christmas, these are some of the magical creatures found in C. S. Lewis’s Narnia tales. These well-known Christian chronicles teach young and old alike about the mysteries of creation and the plan for salvation. How many Christians have dyed eggs, filled Easter baskets, and hidden eggs for their children to find on Easter morning? How many have filled Christmas stockings and placed presents under the tree and given Santa Clause the credit? How many have taken their costume-clad youngsters door to door begging for Halloween treats? How many have collected 20 baby teeth in a little keepsake box while relaying a story about the Tooth Fairy building onto her house? As Christians, we do create a bit of a conundrum for ourselves – how do we explain Jesus is real, but Santa and the Easter Bunny are not? And yet, we persist. Maybe we remember the joy and wonder of childhood imagination and of overcoming our fear of monsters and darkness. Maybe we want to pass this magic on to our own children. Maybe our fantasies helped us understand how Jesus, who was a real man 2000 years ago, could live in our hearts today. I know C. S. Lewis has helped me and my children with this mystery and I am grateful for the beautiful images conjured up by his magical creatures. These times are stressful and hard to understand for every world citizen, especially the children. If a leader has empowered the littlest of us to deal with this situation with the only tools they really possess – their imaginations – who are we to politicize and criticize? I say he who is without sin cast the first rotten egg!!

  11. I am more bothered by the fact that he believes he has “authority vested in [him]” to declare or not declare any magical creature essential. The hubris of government is complete. Now cometh the fall!


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