Madison County Montana Guts Property Rights In Coronavirus Panic


Unfortunately, Montana is not immune to the unfettered and frantic coronavirus panic more common in large metropolitan hotspots, even though the pandemic has had a minimal impact here. A number of irrational orders have been given through executive fiat, from nearly closing the town’s only grocery in Ekalaka to canceling paddlefish season in Eastern Montana. Residents of Bozeman are snitching on their neighbors for sitting too close to one another and having a beer.

Governor Bullock began the trend of infringing upon property rights, declaring that property owners could not enforce their lease agreements. The violation of civil liberty went almost uncriticized, except perhaps only in this publication.

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Now, Madison County is making it even harder for property owners who already have been asked to shoulder the burden of tenets who can’t pay. Due to a decree issued by unelected health officials in Madison County, landlords, bed-and-breakfast owners, hotel and motel operators, and hunting and fishing resorts cannot open their doors to travelers unless they are medical personnel.

The Baby Jesus couldn’t even spend the night in Madison County. The county’s towns, prominently Virginia City, Ennis, Sheridan, and Twin Bridges, will now have to send visitors on their way without offering a bed and hot meal in exchange for much, much-needed revenue.

The county’s board of health on Thursday issued the unconstitutional order and demanded it last until April 30 or until whenever the unelected health board decided. The property owners of Madison County, who will still have to pay the county tax on their property, are having their lives managed by people they didn’t elect.

The board closed all hotels, motels, and short-term rentals in the county. It even shut-down RV parks and cabins and retreats used by outfitters.

Madison County Sheriff Phil Fortner said people would be fined $200 for violating the order.

Currently, there have been six deaths in Montana since coronavirus was first diagnosed here. In the meantime, Planned Parenthood has killed approximately 123 Montana babies.


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  1. Sounds like Madison county needs to pull their heads out and get rid of those unelected idiots. Be it through diplomatic means or 3-7-77 means….


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