Montana Abortion Deaths Are 366.6% Higher Than Coronavirus Fatalities


As contagious as coronavirus has proven to be, it has not proven to be a terribly fatal disease, especially in the Big Sky State. Currently, Montana has 377 positively diagnosed cases of coronavirus. When determining whether or not Montana’s economy should re-open to salvage what is left of our financial interests, perhaps it’s best to compare the coronavirus death-rate to those being killed by Montana Planned Parenthood.

Since coronavirus has been discovered in Montana on March 13, 30 days have passed. In that span of time, 6 have Montanans have died of coronavirus according to today’s latest figures. During that same time-frame, Montana’s abortion clinics have killed 132 babies.

This amounts to, on average, 4.4 children being killed every day in Montana. Over the span of the last thirty days, this means that for every person who has died of coronavirus, 22 have died at the hands of their own mother and an abortionist.

In other words, abortion in Montana is 366.6% more deadly than coronavirus.

While Governor Bullock has closed the door to Montana’s churches, he’s left the doors to abortion clinics open. When Montanans are financially struggling because they want to go back to work, it’s hard to take Governor Bullock seriously when he says that he’s trying to save lives as Planned Parenthood is chopping fetuses apart at Montana’s four abortion clinics.

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