Rep. Joel Krautter Files Complaint Against Pro-Life Group, Lies to Richland County Voters


Continuing to reference his score with the Montana Family Foundation, despite the Montana Family Foundation directly, publicly, and repeatedly refuting him, Rep. Joel Krautter (Sidney) has filed a complaint with the Commissioner for Political Practices against Doctors For a Healthy Montana regarding his vote for abortion-funding Medicaid Expansion.

Krautter claims the pro-life organization has misrepresented his voting record on the 2019 Medicaid Expansion Renewal, which his constituents overwhelmingly rejected in 2018. Siding with Democrats in the Montana House of Representatives, Krautter pushed through the legislation in support of Montana’s version of ObamaCare a year later in defiance of Richland County voters.

Krautter’s complaint with Political Practices is an exceedingly odd move for the embattled progressive, who has earned the ire of conservative Republicans across the Big Sky State for being one of the most notorious leftists in the Montana House. With an F-rating in Party Loyalty, Krautter is busy trying to convince Richland County voters that he’s a conservative, but having crossed over with Democrats more than 200 times in the last session, it’s an uphill battle.

Regarding his vote for Montana’s Obamacare legislation, the Montana Family Foundation issued a second memo reiterating that Medicaid does indeed pay for abortions in Montana. Krautter insists to the public that his renewal vote didn’t “change abortion funding,” but that’s because it was already written into the package when it was first passed years prior. Being warned by the Montana Family Foundation ahead of time his vote would support tax-payer funded abortion, Krautter supported it anyway.

Also siding with the Montana Family Foundation against Krautter is the Susan B. Anthony Foundation, another pro-life advocacy group. Both organizations have said very clearly that indeed, Montana Medicaid pays for abortion with taxpayer funds.

In outrage, Krautter has called pro-life groups “disgusting” and “extremists,” providing odd omens prior to his bizarre complaint with Political Practices.

The Sidney Herald’s characteristically sloppy reporting claimed that “Joel Krautter Files Complaint Against Local PAC,” but Doctors for a Healthy Montana is headquartered twelve hours west in Kalispell, Montana. Krautter’s complaint also specified that the organization was being dishonest by using the plural Doctors rather than Doctor, when Dr. Annie Bukacek is the only physician listed as an officer of the PAC.

Bukacek is a staunch pro-life advocate and is also the director of the Montana Pro-Life Coalition. However, there is no law that states all the individuals involved with a Political Action Committee have to be listed as officers, and indeed, other physicians are supportive of the group’s efforts.

Ironically, the Sidney Herald claimed that Krautter has a reputation as a “conservative Republican.” In fact, Krautter is infamous for being among the most liberal and is opposed by virtually all surrounding Republican legislators, the incoming Republican Speaker of the House and the Republican Majority Leader. Krautter continues to refer to them all as “extremists.” Pro-Life groups and Pro-Gun groups are gearing up to take out the legislator, who they believe should be running in the Democratic Party.

Speaking of Rep. Krautter, Rep. Kerry White (HD64) said, “He’s a Democrat’s best friend. He voted for higher taxes and bigger government every chance he could. On the floor and in committee. He is extreme left of Montana republican policies.”


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