Rep. Eric Moore Latest RINO To Receive Criticism For Pro-Choice Medicaid Vote


Doctors for a Healthy Montana, whose most notable member is renown and beloved Kalispell physician, Dr. Annie Bukacek, is asking Republicans who crossed over with Democrats to pass the 2019 Medicaid Expansion Renewal to give honest answers to their constituents about why they supported legislation that provides for tax-payer funded abortion. The latest candidate to have their voting record exposed on this issue is Rep. Eric Moore (Miles City).

Representing HD37, Moore has previously served in the Montana Senate from 2011-2019 and served his first term in the House in 2018. Moore, who has a D-ranking in party loyalty from the independent vote analyst organization, Legistats, crossed over to vote with Democrats an incredible 134 times. He is ranked 37 in party loyalty. The only Republican legislator from Eastern Montana with a more liberal voting record than Moore is Joel Krautter (HD35) in Sidney.

Moore is one of a number of Republicans affiliated with the leftist-progressive Democrat crossover caucus known as the Solutions Caucus (formerly, the Log Cabin Republicans). Led by Llew Jones (Conrad), the group was founded in 2007 in a deal between left-leaning Repubilcans and then-governor, Brian Schweitzer.

Since 2007, this caucus has been vital to the Democrat governors to pass what Governor Bullock called “everything I wanted.”

Paid for by Schillinger HD 37. Jerry Schillinger, Treasurer. Box 394 Circle, MT 59215

One of the things Governor Bullock wanted, and Eric Moore helped deliver on, was Montana’s version of Obamacare, the Medicaid Expansion Renewal. Although the expansion was voted against by a wide margin in Montana as a ballot measure in 2018, Moore and the House RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) helped push it through into law in the legislature.

Unfortunately for Montana’s unborn, Medicaid pays for abortion in Montana, something warned about by the Montana Family Foundation and the Susan B. Anthony Foundation, two prominent pro-life organizations. Without restricting this provision, Moore chose to vote for an expansion of Medicaid irrespective of consideration for the unborn.

In a sponsored Facebook post today, Doctors for a Healthy Montana singled out Moore for his vote on pro-abortion funding. In the ad, they pointed out that Moore voted to expand Medicaid by $862 million, even though the people of Montana voted it down (see below).


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