Bullock Reveals Plan to Spend Federal Cash While Trump Reveals Plan to Get Montana Working Again


Montana Governor Steve Bullock said earlier in the week that he has no plans to get Montana’s economy opened back up. However, Bullock revealed today the creation of his taskforce to spend federal stimulus relief funds. While the governor has created a gameplan to dole out federal money, President Donald J. Trump rolled out a gameplan to open back up Montana’s economy.

Bullock announced that his Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force will determine how to spend the 1.25 billion of Trump’s 2 Trillion Dollar stimulus funds allocated to the Big Sky State. It’s a big task, indeed, considering Montana’s entire state budget is only 6.4 billion dollars every two years.

The task force is designed to give Governor Bullock suggestions of how to allocate federal relief funds, which will be dispensed on April 30, and make sure they don’t overlap other relief funds already in place. Governors in Illinois and California have claimed they’ll use the funds to send relief checks to illegal aliens, although Bullock has not yet suggested such bold plans.

The colossal paycheck for Montana might be difficult to spend, according to chairwoman Dee Brown of the Legislative Auditing Committee. However, Governor Bullock will no doubt find a way to dole out cash to industries and individuals he feels deserve it (or to whom he owes a favor).

Meanwhile, President Trump rolled out a plan today to get states like Montana back to work. At a White House press briefing Trump said, “We must have a working economy. And we want to get it back. Very, very quickly. And that’s what’s going to happen.”

Trump’s plan, an 18-page document entilted Opening Up America Again, said that 29 states – including Montana – would be able to open up again “very soon.” A date Trump had floated was May 1.

Trump said, “America wants to be open and Americans want to be open. We took the greatest economy in the history of the world, and we closed it in order to win this war. And we’re in the process of winning now.”

Plans from the governor to open back up Montana schools, churches, and businesses are still absent from any foreseeable forecast.


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  1. We need hospitals to be able to perform operations. I have been waiting for an operation for a month and suffering with pain. It is not prognosed as an emergency however it needs to be done.

  2. If legislators in Montana have not begun drafting articles of impeachment against Gov Bullock they should all be recalled for not upholding their oath to the Montana Constitution. Are we enjoying the trickle down tyranny yet?

  3. This will be the year to vote Bullock OUT of any political office. (As well as any other ‘demorats’ that will apparently follow their communist party policies.)


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