Democrat Activist Accuses Republican Montana Gubernatorial Candidate of Wanting COVID-19 Deaths


“Catastrophization” is a unique component of what is commonly called snowflake culture, and the term was first coined in Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. According to leading psychologists who study the phenomenon, the term refers to an irrational thought, believing that something is far worse than it actually is. A predominant feature of the American left, catastrophizing inhibits (mostly) millennials from coping with perceived challenges, which in turn promotes personal fragility, the inability to act rationally due to inconveniences or uncomfortable situations.

In an all-too-typical display of catastrophization, a popular leftist trash-blog called The Montana Post ran an article by regular Democratic commentator and progressive activist, Doug Pogreba, who accused Doctor Al Olszewski of calling “for a rapid expansion of COVID-19 outbreak.”

Drawing Pogreba’s castrophizing ire was Dr. Olszeweski, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, calling for Montana to develop a plan to reopen churches, schools, and businesses.

Olszewski, like Republican legislators in Montana and all around the country, are asking leaders to think seriously about opening back up for business (see below).

The Republican Legislative Leadership Team issued a similar statement several days ago. Almost simultaneously, Bullock acknowledged he had no plans to reopen the state. Meanwhile, Americans all over the country – in both parties – are looking at medical data from COVID-19 and seeing that what was promised to deliver 2 million deaths will likely deliver no more than are typically killed each flu season. Although claims exist that social distancing has mitigated the crisis, these assertions are being proven exaggerated almost daily. Statistically, few are socially distancing themselves the way that “experts” are scolding us to maintain, and many medical professionals are claiming that the directives are actually prolonging the crisis and making it worse. President Trump, working in tandem with the leading epidemiologist, Dr. Fauci, told governors they were free to open back up. Montana’s neighbor, Idaho, will soon begin to let businesses open back up with certain guidelines.

In the meantime, Montana is the fourth least-affected state by the Wuhan Virus and Montana Planned Parenthood is 366% more deadly than COVID-19 (that figure is a couple of days old).

But to a Democrat activist, Dr. Olszewski’s desire to put Montana back to work is tantamount to wanting scores of Montanans to die, despite the fact that best projections put coronavirus at less than a .5% death rate (when counting those who will never be tested because they are asymptomatic).

To Democrats, getting people working isn’t a priority, even though our economy is a public health issue. We cannot continue to burden our children forever with endless stimulus checks written off accounts with a zero balance. Perhaps Dr. Olszewski’s suggestion is the best reflection of Montana’s values of hard work and perseverance in a time of adversity. And perhaps Don Pogreba’s catastrophizations are the best reflection of the Democratic values of collecting government checks and staying home.


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  1. It is sad that democrats have to use fear to gain support.
    As of this morning, Montana has 415 cases. Montana has gained around 12 cases a day.
    I have no doubt that everybody staying inside has an effect on the spread. But we have learned much and are not little kids.
    Counties are now getting ignorant about what they close or allow.
    I am not 13. I am a responsible adult. Back off


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