URGENT: Montana Health Nurse Cancels Hunting Season, Sheriff Stands Back


The Montana Daily Gazette covered the story last week of Carter County Health Department officials implementing draconian and unconstitutional orders as a part of their coronavirus panic, including nearly shutting Ekalaka’s only grocery store, making surprise visits to homes demanding to know who was visiting, and ordering people to ask permission of before leaving the county. Sheriff Neil Kittelmann, in response to our questions about shutting churches, said, “A whole bunch of stuff goes out the window in an emergency. I would think common sense tells you our rights go away.”

Apparently another right that has been tossed out the window by the unconstitutional sheriff and fascist health nurse, Raquel Williams, is hunting.

Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Association warned Governor Bullock in an open letter that any infringement of the hunting rights of Montanans was not to be tolerated.

Marbut said, “Montana people will NOT comply. Yes, there is a point beyond which the tolerance of Montanan people simply will not go. By trying to stop hunting you would just create more outlaws and disrespect for government and law, as happened during Prohibition.”

Apparently Raquel Williams of Carter County did not get the memo, because she unilaterally canceled hunting season by the fiat of being a nurse.

Montana Daily Gazette has been in contact with a Richland County resident whose relatives’ rights are being challenged by the Carter County Health Nurse and her muscle, Sheriff Neil Kittelmann.

Kittelmann insisted on the phone that the 9th Amendment says they can restrict travel into the county and punish people for hunting (it most certainly does not). This is the same sheriff who said “rights go away” in a pandemic.

Article IX Section VII of the Montana Constitution states, “The opportunity to harvest wild fish and wild game animals is a heritage that shall forever be preserved to the individual citizens of the state and does not create a right to trespass on private property or diminution of other private rights.”

Should the Carter County Sheriff enforce these unconstitutional orders of the health nurse, contrary to the Montana Constitution and exceeding Governor Bullock’s orders, it is suggested by some that many of Montana’s Second Amendment advocates will descend upon Carter County to depose the sheriff and restore law and order to Carter County.

[Update: An earlier edition of this article claimed the sheriff was threatening to arrest hunters. The latest information indicates that the health nurse acted without knowledge of the sheriff, and the sheriff has since defended her decision, but it is unclear how far he will go to enforce her order and this latest hour]


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  1. There are so many things that are nonsensical in this article it’s hard to know where to start. The scare-mongering title of the article is “URGENT: Montana Health Nurse Cancels Hunting Season, Sheriff Stands Back”… 1) The nurse’s post within this article clearly is only about non-resident hunters. Also if you’d look at the Fish Wildlife and Park website it would further disabuse you of your delusions and lies – it says: “FWP has suspended nonresident hunting seasons for spring turkey and black bear until at least April 24…….. All other regularly scheduled hunting seasons are not cancelled at this time.” http://fwp.mt.gov/covid19
    ————– 2) You went on the say condescendingly that she: “unilaterally canceled hunting season by the fiat of being a nurse.” That’s a shockingly absurd thing to write… Anyone with comprehension abilities and their eyes open, can see that she states it’s based on the Governor’s order – obviously NOT acting ‘unilaterally’ (either you don’t know what that word means, or you just like the sound of it, or you just feel special by using such a big word – while bearing false witness)… ———— 3) Leaving aside what I’ve already written in 1 and 2 – the claim “Cancels Hunting Season” is an outright lie… The article itself shows that the pause is until April 24th, which cuts 13 days off of the 36-day Turkey season, and only 9 days off the two-month Bear season… How can you call yourself a Christian and practice in such blatant lies, misinformation, and fear-mongering? Or, simpler, how can you even call yourself a logical human thinking-being when you’d write an article that is so obviously faulty and contradictory within itself, to anyone who simply gives it an objective read… ————- 4) You wrote that the Sherriff said: “the 9th Amendment says they can restrict travel into the county”… You are right that he was wrong IF he said that – which I doubt he did, because I’m sure by now he’s very familiar with the Governors Order, which you are clearly not… The relevant Amendment, the Governor’s Order clearly cites, which applies to the Sherriff, is Art. VI, Section 13 – it says: “He (Governor) may call out any part or all of the forces to aid in the execution of the laws, suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or PROTECT LIFE and property in natural disasters.” PS: I don’t know if you are always this much of a liar, or you are just blinded by your own agenda in this situation – but either way what you’re doing here is somewhere between laughable and disgusting… It’s detestable – Proverbs 12:22 “The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” You and your words are anything but trustworthy… PS: If you respond at all, I’m expecting nothing less than a massive deflection away from each of my four points…

  2. I feel for you all.
    I used to live in Whitehall and hunting and nature was the main reason I love and miss Montana.

    I am now in Western Nebraska, and the Sheriff where I live in one of the largest counties, who is a personal friend of mine, said he will stand with the farmers, ranchers and hunters to make sure our liberties will not be infringed upon.

    He told me if it gets so bad that martial law is declared, he and his deputies will stand with the people of Western NE not the gov’t.

    Sounds like you all need to find better leaders.
    Stay thirsty

  3. This is all BS!! Listen to Judge Napatonio and he tells you that none of this can happen!! It’s against the Constitution NO MATTER WHAT!!! FLATHEAD COUNTY SHERIFF IS BREAKIBG THE LAW AS WELL!! He has lied and said that Bullock told him to stop processing CCW PERMITS and I confirmed with Bullock’s office 3 times and they said they never said that and that it was against the law!! How is he getting away with this TYRANNY!!!! WE WANT ANSWERS!!!

  4. NUTS!

    Anthony McAuliffe (2 July 1898 – 11 August 1975) was the United States Army general who was the acting division commander of the 101st Airborne Division troops defending Bastogne, Belgium, during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge, famous for his single-word reply of “Nuts!” in response to a German surrender ultimatum.

  5. This is the most irresponsible article I have ever read. Written by a drunk perhaps? You know damn well this was an FWP decision and not a single nurse’s. I have forwarded it on to the Montana Nurses Association to make them aware of your organizations feelings about nurses, especially during such a time.

  6. If it is true that those who are enforcing the law claim that your rights go out the window, the it logically follows that their rights also go out the window. Which means it is a free for all… and you can act in any manner you would like.

  7. I think hunters with high powered rifles might mistake the sheriff for a bear if he tries to arrest them for hunting….It would be a real shame too

  8. Unless there is martial law declared, your constitutional rights to free speech, assembly and 2nd amendment rights are still constitutionally protected.


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