Despite Liberal Catastrophizing, Montana Among the Safest States to Open Economy


Montana’s leftists have a tendency toward catastrophizing, the trend in fragility culture toward exaggeration, hyperbole, and panic. Over the weekend, the state’s defacto progressive trash-blog, the Montana Post, has complained about a conservative candidate getting a manicure, has claimed Dr. Al Olzweski wants a coronavirus outbreak and argued that the Montana Liberty Rally would push back the state’s re-opening date and probably cause the Black Death to pillage the countryside. But don’t worry, they still had time to laud praises upon the fake-Republican group, the Solutions Caucus.

Perhaps the most revealing comment from the progressive trash-blog came from Don Pogreba (pictured below) in an article complaining about getting our state economy going again who said, “Freedom is not—and was not—ever envisioned as an absolute by those who founded the country.”

While it’s well-known that progressive Democrats are often content to stay home collecting government checks, many people are ready to go back to work. After all, somebody has to pay for folks like Don Pogreba to stay home and blog.

Thankfully, the latest studies and projections show that despite the catastrophizing, Montana is among the states most ready to go back to work.

According to Dr. Christopher Murray, the creator of a coronavirus tracking model at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, Montana is among four states that are recommended to reopen by the end of the month. Other states include Vermont, West Virginia, and Hawaii. The second round of states including Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Arkansas, and Oklahoma should open up only a couple of weeks later, according to Dr. Murray.

According to the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Taskforce, states should begin easing up on restrictions after 14 days of declines in deaths and/or hospitalizations, so long as the hospital system does not remain burdened at capacity. That puts Montana squarely in the best place within the United States to reopen as soon as possible.

Currently, Montana has 433 positive cases of COVID-19. There have been 10 deaths statewide. That is still less than deaths from the flu reported in Montana in April of this year, with 11,246 positive cases and 17 deaths.


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