Headlines Montana's Fake Republicans Calling Conservatives "Pro-Birth Extremists"

Montana’s Fake Republicans Calling Conservatives “Pro-Birth Extremists”


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What on earth is a “pro-birth extremist?” That’s the new term being used by Montana’s fake Republican group, the Conservative Solutions Caucus, to refer to conservatives who don’t believe in tax-payer funded abortion. The so-called Conservatives Solutions Caucus, initially founded by ‘Republican’ Llew Jones (Conrad) and Democrat Governor Brian Schweitzer, is attacking the pro-life position with this new and equally bizarre label. Led today by Llew Jones, Eric Moore, Nancy Ballance, and more F-rated Republican up-and-comers like Joel Krautter, the caucus has taken a pro-abortion position when it comes to Medicaid funding.

The controversy started when Conservative Solutions Caucus members, who go through a name-change every session to keep Republican voters confused (they just added the “conservative” to their name last month), crossed over with Democrats to vote for Montana’s version of Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion Renewal. The legislation maintained taxpayer funding for abortion that Democrats put in during years previously. Despite taxpayer funding for infanticide, Solutions Caucus Republicans pushed through the legislation.

These leftist Republicans in the Montana legislature have tried numerous arguments to defend themselves in their home districts who, like in Joel Krautter’s HD35, voted against the Medicaid Expansion option a year previously in a ballot measure. Jones’ group has argued that pregnant women are exempted from coverage, but that is easily disproven. They have also tried to tell their constituents that abortion isn’t paid for by Montana Medicaid, something which directly contradicts Montana Family Foundation, the Susan B. Anthony Foundation, and Doctors for a Healthy Montana.

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But now, Governor Bullock’s Manchurian Candidate Republicans are arguing that Medicaid does pay for abortions indeed, but that women who have welfare health coverage will have fewer abortions and thus, magically, being pro-welfare is being pro-life.

That tired old Democrat canard aside, it’s the terminology used by Jones, Krautter, Ballance, Moore, and other Solutions Caucus members that’s truly astounding (see below).

Welfare-dispensing liberals like Jones’s Solutions Caucus would like to take credit for a drop in abortion rates, but doing so is grossly disrespectful to the pro-life movement which has tirelessly worked to change the culture of death and incrementally close abortion clinics through litigation and legislation around the country. Meanwhile, Montana’s leftist Republicans like Llew Jones and Ballance haven’t lifted a finger to help the unborn. But now, they want to convince voters that their welfare handouts have helped abortion rates.

The term used by the Solutions Caucus to refer to those who don’t believe in taxpayer-funded abortions truly expresses how far to the left they truly are. “Pro-Birth Extremists” really takes the liberal, baby-butchering cake.

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What is the opposite of “Pro-Birth”? Is it Anti-Birth? Pro-Death? And what is “extreme” about being pro-birth?

Montana’s Republican Party needs desperately to understand that the Solutions Caucus is nothing but the Democratic Party committing election fraud. Every vote they cast, every Facebook post they make, every advertisement they produce, is practically indistinguishable from that produced by Democrats across the aisle.



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