Yellowstone County Officials Decry ‘Cowboy Church’ That Met in Billings ‘Without Permission’


Despite being issued a permission permit on December 15, 1789 when the Bill of Rights was ratified, Yellowstone County officials seem notably upset with a ‘Cowboy Church’ that met in Billings on Sunday. Apparently, the congregation are making things ‘go Western’ by observing their First Amendment liberties of religious expression and peaceful assembly in the midst of the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020.

According to the Billings Gazette, which has been investigating the worship service like it were an organized crime syndicate, an organizer named Kori Smith said, “I asked our County Commissioner John Ostlund and he called and talked to the county attorney, so yes, we sure did. They were all aware of it and they all OK’ed it because they said ‘We have no events there.”

However, County Commissioner John Ostlund said, “They just asked some questions. They didn’t really say they were going to have a deal down there or not have a deal down there.”

Otlund also said he told them that such a gathering would violate the governor’s [unconstiutional] ban against public religious gatherings. Reportedly, he also told them that the authorities might come and ask them to ‘move along’ but they decided to have the event anyway.

Some seem upset that the faithful would assemble for worship without a permit, with Yellowstone County Deputy Attorney Jeanna Leverick promising to “review complaints” made to the health department, saying, “I can tell you absolutely that no county official, no board of county commissioners, authorized or approved of what went on.”

Voters should make a note that no elected officials “approved” of the peaceful worship assembly.

Many of the gatherers were reportedly affiliated with a cowboy church pastored by Tim Moullet, who preached a message.

Photo Credit: Billings Gazette

The Billings Gazette quotes Moullet who said, “As Americans, we should rise up and speak our piece. We always let the other guy speak, we need to do our speaking. We need to be brave and to be bold and to be strong. We don’t have to be rude and break the law. We don’t have to protest. We’re not protesting anything. We’re just speaking our voice, our rights, and what we want to do.”

Reportedly, signs were posted at the event asking people to maintain social distancing or remain in their cars. According to photographs, not all complied. Welcome to Montana, the land of the free and the home of bureaucrats who feel the need to officially approve of everything.


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  1. its our Constitutional Right to Assemble … remember that only people who say they met with out permission want the Constitution and America Destroyed and want POWER for themselves … the people hold the power .. not the state … and not the federal government


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