Pro-Choicers Keep Throwing Endorsements At Rep. Joel Krautter


Rep. Joel Krautter (Sidney) faces an uphill election battle in conservative Richland County, so much so that the ‘Republican’ has garnered the outspoken support of pro-choice activists, Democrats, and bottom-of-the-barrel Republican leftists to help bolster his flailing campaign. As the Richland County Democratic Central Committee has thrown support behind the Solutions Caucus member, even more pro-choice activists have endorsed Krautter, as a supposed conservative.

Krautter, like other Solutions Caucus leftists who voted for abortion-funding Medicaid Expansion, has doubled-down in his attacks against the pro-life position, referring to those against taxpayer-funded abortion as “extremists” and suing to keep his voting record quiet.

As Doctors for a Healthy Montana have placed a billboard on the outskirts of Krautter’s city of Sidney and the Montana Family Foundation rebuffed his claims that Medicaid doesn’t pay for abortions, Krautter has indeed had to turn to Democrats to help his campaign.

The Gazette reported recently, one Democrat Central Committeewoman wrote to the Round Up newspaper regarding Krautter, “I am a Democrat and I know a Republican when I see one.” Brandon Ler’s campaign probably couldn’t ask for a better stirring endorsement of his conservatism compared to Krautter, at least one would think.

Paid for by Manzella for Montana Senate District 44 – Republican. Theresa Manzella, Treasurer. PO Box 1100, Hamilton, MT 59840

As it turns out, however, Krautter’s pro-abortion voting record is continually highlighted by pro-choice individuals on a letter-writing campaign for him.

Tami Christensen is the failed political candidate from HD35 who lost against Rep. David Halvorson in 2012. Christensen is the daughter of former RINO Representative Walt McNutt, whose Democrat-crossover votes were so dependable he earned an F-rating from party loyalty scorer, Legistats. McNutt rode the first wave of the Solutions Caucus, which was founded by Llew Jones and Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer in 2007 to help infiltrate the Montana legislature with Democrats running as Republicans. McNutt is currently running for a Republican Central Committee precinct spot against the father of Krautter’s conservative challenger, Brandon Ler, as a part of the Democrat Party’s attempt to take over local Republican committees.

Christensen drew the ire of conservatives in her 2012 House run for stating matter-of-factly at a Town Hall meeting at the County Extension office that she was pro-choice, stating, “I don’t think religion should have anything to do with politics.” Of course, one doesn’t have to be religious to think killing people is wrong. Christensen then went on to lose it what was likely the largest landslide in a Republican primary in Richland County history, garnering only 35% of the vote.

Christensen’s letter to the Round Up editor came at the tail-end of a bevy of other letters from Democrats on behalf of the leftist Republican.

Christensen wrote, “Joel’s overall record indicates that he will continue to prioritize critical-need infrastructure investment and workforce development, all the while keeping taxes low and rejecting unnecessary regulation”

However, as pointed out by House Majority Leader, Brad Tschida, in a letter to the editor against Krautter, he voted for tax increase after tax increase, including on vehicle registration, aviation fuel, hotels, and Medicaid Expansion. There was hardly a tax increase that Krautter voted against at all.

Also sending a letter to the editor on behalf of Kruatter were three Solutions Caucus members, all with failing grades on party loyalty from Legistats, the impartial computer-generated scoring system. One signer, Geraldine Custer, has the worst grade in party loyalty of all legislators in the Montana House, having crossed over to vote with Democrats 317 times (she only voted with Republicans 291 times). Other signers, Duane Ankey and Ken Holmlund, also have F-rating from Legistats. These legislators, like Krautter, voted for taxpayer-funded abortion with Democrats on Medicaid Expansion.


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