Economy Montana Airports Busier than New York's JFK

Montana Airports Busier than New York’s JFK


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If you’re looking for a reason to be grateful to live in the Big Sky State, Montana has remained so relatively unscathed by the Wuhan Virus, reports indicated yesterday that our airports are busier than JFK Airport in New York. More people are coming and going from Montana than one airport that is ordinarily the sixth-busiest in the United States.

NBC New York ran the story, lamenting that Billings Logan International Airport had 77 flights leave on April 22. New York’s JFK, which dwarfs Billings’ airport in size, had only 70 flights depart. These were statistics provided by JetTip, a website that logs airport traffic.

New York currently has 20% of the nation’s coronavirus patients, while Montana has less than 1%. Montana, as of yesterday, had 439 Wuhan Flu cases with 296 patients recovered and 13 hospitalized.

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With airfares nearing record lows and restrictions on travel soon to be lifted by Governor Bullock, Montana might prove to be an enticing tourism destination. An influx of travel into the state would be helpful and welcome support for Montana’s economy, currently devasted by the coronavirus panic.

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