Montana Gazette Endorsements for Statewide Offices


Thousands of Montanans will soon cast their ballots for the primary election. The Gazette respectfully offers our recent endorsements for the following races.

Governor: Al Olszewski

It does not appear that anyone has worked harder to earn your vote than Dr. Al Olszewski, who has campaigned tirelessly around Montana. Olszewski is a values-driven Republican devoted to smaller government, less taxation, and maximum personal liberty. With years of experience and a strong, steady track-record of conservatism, Olszewski would make a fine governor. Greg Gianforte is a fine candidate as well, but has not provided nearly so much tireless sweat-equity to win this campaign. While a seemingly unlimited amount of funds can help him get elected, it cannot help him once in office. Campaigns can be bought, but the governor’s job performance cannot be.

U.S. Senate: Steve Daines

Daines seems to be the only viable contender in this race who can stop the anti-business special interests of Steve Bullock. With the Republican control of the U.S. Senate in jeopardy, President Trump’s future as POTUS could be in danger with Bullock’s victory, even if Trump wins re-election. A vote for Steve Daines is a vote for President Trump, and a vote against Daines is a vote against Trump.

U.S. House: Debra Lamm

The Montana Daily Gazette has a strong appreciation for Matt Rosendale, who has served Montana well. However, when placed platform to platform, Debra Lamm has the platform positions best rooted in strong conservatism. A tireless advocate for constitutional principles, Lamm may very well be the underdog compared to Rosendale, but we believe she is the best candidate for this position. Dooling, although ambitious, has not proven himself a conservative contender willing to buck establishment Republicans.

Attorney General: Austin Knudsen

The decision for this endorsement is not hard. Knudsen, the former Montana Speaker of the House and Eastern Montana native, is far-and-away the best candidate to serve as the top law enforcement officer in Montana. The differences between Knudsen and Bennion are stark, so much so that it should not be a hard decision for the conservative voter.

Secretary of State: Forrest Mandeville

The Montana Gazette believes that Forrest Mandeville is the best candidate for this position. The values-oriented Republican is perhaps not the best-credentialed candidate, but his values align with conservative Montana principles. Mandeville is sure to lead Montana from the Secretary of State’s office with integrity and work ethic.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Elsie Arntzen

Arntzen, formerly a state legislator from Billings, was elected superintendent of public instruction in 2016. As an incumbent, she is best positioned to lead in this office and is juxtaposed against her Democrat counterpart, Melissa Romano and Libertarian opponent, Kevin Leatherbarrow.


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  1. LOL. This is a JOKE, right? Al Olsheski? Debrah Lamb? Daines is obvious, but the other two stand no chance at winning the general election. I will vote for Gianforte and Rosendale.


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