Montana Gazette Endorsements for House Races


Thousands of Montanans will soon cast their ballots for the primary election. The Gazette respectfully offers our recent endorsements for the following House races.

These endorsements do not reflect all House races in the Republican primary, but especially-important races where real alternatives for voters exist. Names underlined indicate very important races in which their challengers voted for Medicaid Expansion Renewal, which provides tax-payer funding for abortion, grossly inflated the size of government, and was recklessly and fiscally irresponsible.

These endorsements were made based upon known information about these candidates’ devotion to principles of limited government, personal liberty, and respect for the U.S. and Montana Constitution. When applicable and all else being similar, weight in our decision was placed toward incumbency when a known voting record was accessible.

House District 5: Catherine Owens
House District 6: Amy Regier
House District 7: Jerry O’Neil
House District 9: David Dunn
House District 10: Mark Noland
House District 11: Derek Skees
House District 14: Mark French
House District 21: Sally Tucker
House District 26: Sheridan Buck
House District 33: Casey Knudsen
House District 34: Rhonda Knudsen
House District 35: Brandon Ler
House District 36: Bob Phalen
House District 37: Jerry Schillinger
House District 39: Amanda Scheidler
House District 63: Randy Chamberlin
House District 68: Caleb Hinkle
House District 69: Jennifer Carlson
House District 70: Tim Ravndal
House District 71: Kenneth Walsh
House District 85: Michele Binkley
House District 86: Kenneth Allen
House District 87: Jolena Bugli
House District 88: Scott McLean
House District 93: Joe Read
House District 95: Karen Sherman


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  1. Thank you very much for endorsing my husband, Randy Chamberlin in his primary, but he is running in HD 64. Can you correct this so that I can publish it on his social media? Linda Chamberlin

  2. Perhaps you might be interested in my re-election race against Llew Jones supported supposed conservative Daniel Zolnikov. I believe my record gives evidence to a strongly pro free market philosophy and a history of being firm but fair to the monopolistic utilities. PSC Commissioner Tony O’Donnell


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