Op-Ed: Nancy Ballance Lying About Voting Record


Grandma used to say that if a person will lie, they’ll cheat, and if they’ll cheat, there’s no limit to the bad behaviors they’ll partake in. The wisdom in those words has recently been proven true by Rep Ballance’s recent lying postcard. Rep Ballance knows good and well that the real conservatives, also known as The .38 Special, did not vote for Medicaid Expansion. To claim different is an absolute attempt to deceive the public.

Ballance also knows that not a single legislator in the 2019 legislative session voted for a sales tax and an internet sales tax, not even her liberal Republican splinter group – not in this session. They’re saving the sales tax for next session when they bring their “Tax Modernization Act” that they’ve been hatching. What we did vote for was “process vote” in support of bringing both bills from committee to the House Floor where the merits of the bills could be openly debated by the Committee of the Whole, and more specifically, exposed for the cameras and the public to see.

Conservatives had absolutely no intention of voting to make either of the bills law. Rep Ballance is well aware of this, but she and her ilk of liberal Republicans insist on trying to deceive the public. In the case of HB425, Medicaid Expansion Renewal, that added abled-bodied adults to the Medicaid rolls and rationed services for those who truly need it, we wanted the opportunity to expose the backroom deals that had been made between the (R) Socialist Solutions Caucus and the governor to pass Medicaid Expansion against the will of the people, as well as the Democrat caucus.

In the case of HB300 we wanted to public to have the opportunity to witness and review a mathematical equation by which Montana could replace private property tax with a sales tax which would be shared by our 11 million annual visitors. We wanted the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation on the pros and cons of the idea and give the public the opportunity to weigh in on the idea still in its infancy. Furthermore, Rep Ballance knows that immigration is a federal issue and so-called “sanctuary cities” are already breaking federal law.

We passed a straight and simple bill, which her governor vetoed. But In doing the benefit/risk analysis on the expense and risks associated with a ballot initiative, we determined that adding another layer of unnecessary “feel good” legislation was not worth the risk and expense. While I once held this woman in high esteem, Rep Ballance’s deceptive postcard is a perfect example of the desperate individual she’s become in her effort to win at any cost and maintain power for the liberal side of the Republican Party. It provides clear evidence as to why so many “A” rated, conservative legislators, are endorsing me for SD44.

[Publisher’s Note: This op-ed was provided by Theresa Manzella]


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