HD35 Rep. Joel Krautter Campaign Ads Paid for By Rejected Pro-Choice Candidate


Residents of House District 35, located in Richland County, checked their mailboxes this week to find a campaign mailer for Joel Krautter with the Solutions Caucus catch-words across the top, “Conservative Solutions for Montana.” Not all Richland County voters will immediately recognize the language of the far-left group commonly used by the Democrat-swing voters in the Montana legislature, but most would recognize one prominent donor to the Political Action Committee that paid for the ads.

Paid for by Buterbaugh for SD38 – Republican – PO Box 83, Whitehall, MT 59759

With “Montana Farm Bureau PAC” addressing the mailer, other PACS were scribbled in small print across the bottom. These included Realtors for Better Government, Montana Agriculture PAC, Montana Business PAC, Montana Prosperity PAC, and Montana Trooper PAC.

However, a search on the CERS website that details group funding shows that these organizations are little more than shell entities for laundering campaign cash to the most extreme leftists in the Republican Party who caucus with Democrats.

The Montana Business PAC, referenced above, is a part of the funding pool for the fliers sent to far-left candidates. And the Montana Business PAC received a 3k dollar donation on April 8 from Tri-County Implement in Richland County. See below (or click here).

Tri-County Implement is owned, in part, by Tami Christensen, the daughter of F-rated far-left Republican and former representative, Walt McNutt. McNutt helped to form the Solutions Caucus during the 2007 “devil’s bargain” between left-leaning Republicans and Governor Brian Schweitzer. This is the same group that is now working with Democrats to infiltrate Montana’s open Republican primaries.

Christensen ran as a pro-choice Republican candidate in 2012 against a conservative candidate, the late David Halvorson. Because of her unashamed liberalism and the forthrightness with which she expressed her far-left views, she lost in the largest landslide in any primary in Richland County history (see below).

After announcing her pro-choice position on abortion, Christensen was almost totally abandoned by Richland County conservatives except for supporters within the sphere of influence of her father, the family of Walt’s colleague in the Senate, Don Steinbeisser, Sr., and a few “business-class” Republicans who prioritize government hand-outs over values-voting.

Today, that’s the same group now supporting Joel Krautter for his continued incumbency in the Montana legislature, despite his F-grade in conservatism from both Legistats and the American Conservative Union.

Many Richland County residents have a right to be concerned that Krautter is beholden to this extremist left-wing of the Republican Party. For many voters, it’s not a matter of Joel Krautter having a second term, but Walt McNutt having a proxy on the Republican ballot.


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