Op-Ed: After Escaping Communist Country, I Support Al Olszewski for Governor


The following is an op-ed from Maria Weyrauch (photo above, second from left).

Having escaped a communist country by age 15, and my family having moved with visas to the “land of the free” with all of its promises, I am deeply grateful for all opportunities I was able to pursue and my own successes. I am, however, disappointed at this new “trend” in America. The U.S. is quickly welcoming the communist state and a socialist society. This is why I am voting for Air Force Veteran and current State Senator, Al “Doc” Olszewski for Governor on the Republican primary ballot. 

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Now is the time to get behind the only anti-establishment candidate in this race, the candidate who stands for the Constitution, liberty and prosperity. The days of sensible democracy died with JFK.  We are in a new civil rights era where we are worried about losing our liberty, our livelihood, and our free will to “authorities” in the name of “it is for your own safety.” The only solutions forced on us, from those at all levels of government, revolve around taking away more of our freedoms. 

Many have said that voting doesn’t matter or change outcomes, but we now have a more awakened public to the corruption in both local and national politics.  We demand representatives who are not tied to industry, not tied to lobbyists and don’t come with strings attached.  We have a candidate running for Governor of MT who has refused to be bought, refused to be bullied, and will fight to eliminate the bureaucratic red tape and reinstate our Constitution.  As a commissioned officer in the United State Air Force, he swore a lifelong oath to defend the Constitution and to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic.  He is experienced, hardworking, approachable, and authentic.
Montanans need to step up to vote in this primary election.  A vote not cast is a vote wasted. A vote cast without being informed is a vote wasted. It is up to us to rise up and tip the scales against rigged party elections. Yes, I’m calling out the MT GOP for being part of the problem and not the solution. Primary voting is where your vote counts the most! Mail-only ballots go out to all registered voters May 8 and need to be mailed back by no later than May 29 to ensure they arrive by June 2.


Maria Weyrauch
Former Hedge Fund Investment AnalystBSBA
FinanceGallatin County Resident

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  1. Must be Sunday? I was planning to comment, but I didn’t plan to do so,
    if this is just religious website. I’ve got stray dawgies to find. It is Montana.
    (I know. Awaiting moderation…)

  2. We must elect conservatives to represent Montana, the liberal democrats are finding RINOS to vote with them in their anti second amendment and pro choice canals along with higher taxes and more bureaucratic regulations. Save Montana from the far left socialist democrats

  3. Awaiting moderation? What’s that? Do I need to pass a test?
    I’m a US Navy Veteran of Vietnam. Good enough?

  4. Native Montanan here! Where are you from Jordan? You’re NO Montanan! Where are you from Jordan?
    Baby Jesus said, Come unto me. He didn’t say, Come unto Jordan. He said stay away from the slatterns
    and their offspring. (Coronathins 3:14)


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