Long List of Conservatives Endorse Scott Sales for Secretary of State


We the undersigned 25 senators and representatives have been widely recognized at various times as
the most conservative, small government legislators in Montana. But there is one senator who could
arguably be called more conservative than any of us…. One man who has the most consistent, most
lengthy, most “limited government” voting record of us all… Senate President Scott Sales.

He is currently running in the Republican primary for Secretary of State. Remarkably, Senator Sales has consistently voted for conservative limited government despite being voted as the leader of both the House & Senate…. The only man in Montana history to be elected as both the Speaker of the House and Senate
President. While most legislative leaders see compromise as their chief necessary ingredient to succeed;
Scott nonetheless showed pure unwavering commitment to constitutionally limited government. He
maintained an astounding 95% rating with Montanans for Limited Government in 2017-19, a 91%
LIFETIME rating with American Conservative Union, 100% NRA rating, and 100% Right to Life rating.

Paid for by Greg DeVries for HD75, PO Box 15 Jefferson City, MT 59638

So, it is without hesitation that we, as a group, whole hardily endorse Scott Sales for Secretary of State.
We have served with Scott for many years and have had the opportunity to witness him first hand as he
worked at the Legislature. Despite being one of the more conservative members, we have found him to
be approachable, open-minded and willing to meet and converse with anyone and his door at the
Senate President’s office is always open. He has the support and endorsement of over 100 of his
legislative peers and has a reputation that his yes is yes and his no is no.

On issues pertinent to the Secretary of State office, Senator Sales again shows conservative consistency,
in the 2005 session he was 1 of only 8 representatives to oppose same-day voter registration (SB302).
This bill was responsible for defeating Conrad Burns in the 2006 election and giving us John Tester and
also contribute greatly to the defeat of Rick Hill in the 2012 Governors race. In 2019, President Sales led
the charge in the Senate to defeat “motor voter registration on steroids” (HB536). After it overwhelming
passed the House of Representatives.

In our opinion, there should be no confusion about which SOS candidate has led the charge for
conservative, constitutionally-limited government and voting security…. The clear leader on that point
can be none other than Senate President Scott Sales, who should be your choice in the Republican
primary for Secretary of State.

Attested to: Joe Balyeat, Mark Blasdel, Doug Kary, Cary Smith, Jon Sonju, Greg Hertz, Jason Ellsworth,
Steve Hinebauch, Fred Thomas, Gordon Vance, Tom Burnett, Kerry White, Greg Barkus, John Benden,
Jeff Pattison, Ed Butcher, Tom McGillvray, Wylie Galt, Dave & Betty Lou Kasten, Chas Vincent, Krayton
Kerns, Scott Mendenhall, Lee Randall, Keith Regier.


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