Headlines Montana Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Defend Their Reputation As 'Pro-Abortion...

Montana Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Defend Their Reputation As ‘Pro-Abortion Team’


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In what will surely go over like a lead balloon in the general election, Montana’s Democratic candidates for governor are fighting about who is, and is not, the most pro-abortion. Treated as a religious sacrament in the Democratic Party, the right of a woman to kill her offspring is perceived to be sacrosanct on the progressive left. It’s not enough for Democrats to reluctantly support infanticide, but must posture themselves as champions of the morbid practice. Nowhere is this better seen than in the bizarre skirmish among Montana Democrats this primary season.

‘Hollywood’ Whitney Williams decided to pick an Eastern Montanan, Buzz Mattelin, for her Lt. General spot. The selection of Mattelin was supposed to give the Californian some credibility among the farming and ranching community and quell complaints that her time in Hollywood has deafened her ear toward the needs of rural Montana. However, her pick of Mattelin came under fire this week by Don Pogreba at the leftist junk-blog, the Montana Post. According to Pogreba, Mattelin donated to the campaign of Jim Shockley for Attorney General in 2012 and Robert Story in 2006. Both of these candidates supported limits on infanticide.

Apparently, this is a major no-no for Montana Democrats. Party purists must never support a candidate who wants anything except free, easy access to abortion and overhaul of the American womb into a deadly death-chamber. Anything less is compromised.

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Pogreba writes, “Given that we don’t have a legislative record to examine nor any public statements about abortion rights, the Williams-Mattelin campaign owes it to Montana women to explain these donations and directly answer where their candidate for lieutenant governor stands on choice, an “essential healthcare” question the next administration will almost certainly face.”

Mattelin then raced to his computer to type out his heart-felt convictions that babies should be terminated for whatever reason fancies the mother, up and until they’re ready to hold a rattle and speak their first words. His support for abortion-at-all-costs simply could not be questioned in this primary. With the strongest language, Mattelin affirmed his belief in infanticide.

Mattelin wrote, “So, let me set the record straight and make one thing perfectly clear: I’m pro-choice. Always have been. Always will be. And don’t let anybody inside Helena’s political bubble tell you otherwise. I believe the government has no right to tell a woman what she can or can’t do when it comes to her health or the private decisions she makes with her family or doctor. My wife and I raised our daughter to be a strong, independent, woman. In fact, she interned for Planned Parenthood in the year 2000, and as a family, we’ve always been supporters.”

Mattelin did not divulge how many daughters he executed before he allowed this one to become a strong, independent woman.

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He added, “Whitney picked me as her running mate because she is committed to bringing energy, new ideas and some rural sensibility to Helena. Just like Whitney, I’m committed to doing what’s right for all of Montana — and that includes always protecting a woman’s right to choose. Simply put, my running mate, Whitney Williams and I are a pro-choice team.”


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