Headlines Montana's Pro-Abortion Former Legislator Still Supporting 'Solutions Caucus' Campaigns...

Montana’s Pro-Abortion Former Legislator Still Supporting ‘Solutions Caucus’ Campaigns From Florida


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The Montana Daily Gazette has already chronicled how Llew Jones’ ‘Solutions Caucus’ members were using far-reaching attack ads funded by a disgraced former legislator from Florida named Jesse O’Hara. In March, Jones’ ‘Solutions Caucus’ of F-rated Republicans who caucus regularly with Democrats in the Montana legislature were using O’Hara to pay for bump-posts of the anonymously-written ‘Extremist Chronicles, a far-left blog that characterizes mainstream conservative Montana legislators as “extremists.” The language used by the Extremist Chronicles, probably written by far-left progressive Don Pogreba of the Montana Post, is regularly included in PAC mailings against conservative legislators.

After our initial expose’ on O’Hara, including his soiled past of helping to cover-up a young man’s twisted desire to run over a jogger and have sex with her corpse, his anti-gun campaign against Randy Pinnocci, and his worst conservatism score in Legistats history, O’Hara stopped funding the Solutions Caucus attack ads on Facebook…at least, for a while. But now, he’s back. The one referred to by Governor Schweitzer as “my kind of Republican” is again reaching out from Florida to run ads in districts where Solutions Caucus members are being challenged in primaries.

This ad (below) was advertised in the 59270 area code associated with Rep. Joel Krautter’s race in House District 35.

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The talking point from O’Hara seems to be designed to rebuff claims from the Montana Family Foundation, the Susan B. Anthony Foundation, the Montana Pro-Life Coalition, and Doctors for a Healthy Montana, that when a handful of extreme left-wing Republicans voted for Montana’s version of Obamacare that it funded abortion coverage with taxpayer dollars.

Nancy Ballance, Joel Krautter, and a whole slew of leftwing Republicans have been running from their Medicaid vote on the grounds that it pays for abortion with taxpayer money. The graphic paid-bumped by O’Hara in their districts seems to suggest that abortion rates go down when medical welfare goes up.

Of course, the graph has been deceptively fabricated to portray the drop in abortion rates is caused by welfare coverage and not that it merely correlates with it. During this same period of time, abortion rates went down across the United States, even where correlational data with Medicaid coverage could not be found. In reality, abortion rates went down all over the nation thanks to a herculean effort on the part of abolitionists passing heartbeat bills and abortion clinics shutting down across the nation. And not the least of which, the factor of President Trump’s war on Planned Parenthood Title X funding played no small part.

These far-left Republicans lack the courage to make abortion illegal, and are instead insisting that providing welfare in lieu of abolition is the best way to reduce abortion rates. In doing so, they champion not the pro-life mantra but the Democratic mantra of the 1990s to keep abortion, “safe, legal, and rare.”

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Voters in the districts benefiting from this out-of-state financial meddling on the part of O’Hara, like Krautter’s HD35, need to be aware that the assistance is coming from the worst offender in history on Legistats and the most-liberal Republican in state history. If O’Hara is helping that candidate get elected, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll vote like him in the next session.


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