Headlines Montana's Pro-Gay CPS Workers Kidnap Children of Christian Parents

Montana’s Pro-Gay CPS Workers Kidnap Children of Christian Parents


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In one of the most under-reported news stories from Montana in the last several years, radically-leftist and pro-LGBTQ workers with Child Protective Services have virtually kidnapped the adopted children of traditional-minded and Christian parents for purely ideological reasons. The anti-Christian bigotry of these Montana CPS workers is well-substantiated with a myriad of social media postings demonstrating their bias against conservative values. They stole the children of Keith and Raye Newmeyer with the flimsiest of evidence.

Thankfully, sources indicate that the story will soon be told on a much larger scale in national media. It would benefit Montanans to be familiar with the tragic account of this state-sponsored kidnapping and prepare ourselves for a righteous response to it should the story grow larger in the national press.

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Keith and Raye Newmeyer, who hold traditional Christian views in regard to family and religion, have spoken to the Montana Daily Gazette in length and provided supporting evidence and substantial documentation of their nightmare at the hands of overly-zealous leftist extremists who politicized their parenting methodology and demonized their traditional views as a means to kidnap their children. The two are not without advocates, and one advocate, Cindy Cronce, provided a letter detailing their horror story.

May this letter truly find you well as I urgently solicit your help in a matter of CPS bigotry and retaliation driven by extreme political views and bias against Keith and Raye Newmeyer.  In order for my claims to hold any value, however, it’s pertinent to note the Newmeyers’ background as white conservative Christians before proceeding. Also, attached to this email, ample evidence is provided by the very words of CPS’ assigned caseworker, Gerry Hill, and his wife, Robyn Morrison, as well as a counselor named Kristin Best whose involvement was mandated by Gerry. Gerry, Robyn, and Kristin are LGBTQ activists who blatantly and openly rail against white conservatives and conservative mainline denominations.  My evidence is collected and presented in such a way as to spare your time and allow quick referencing to substantiate my claims. 

According to the letter outlined by Cronce, in 2015 CPS removed the Newmeyer’s children, who had been adopted from the Ukraine. Immediately, the initial caseworker deemed reunification of the family as the ultimate goal. Soon after taking the case, however, Gerry Hill determined unilaterally that permanent removal of the children should be his goal.

Sure enough, the evidence of Gerry and Robyn Hill being radical LGBTQ activists is not lacking. In fact, their social media seems to demonstrate that LGBTQ activism is the single greatest ambition of their life. The two left clergy positions in the far-left United Methodist Church because the denomination’s inclusion of homosexuality was not strong enough for the pair of activists (see below).

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Robyn’s blogs reveal a hot hatred for traditional or conservative Christian beliefs and her posts demonstrate a profound bias against Christians. She regularly claims that political conservative beliefs are “anti-refugee” or “white nationalist” and “Christian supremacists” (see below).

The Newmeyers’ pastor can even wrote a letter claiming that CPS acted in a “very unprofessional manner in dealing with Keith and Raye Newmeyer and their adopted children. Most astoundingly, the pastor explains that CPS tried to obstruct them “from participating in worship, Bible study, and fellowship in our congregation, especially throughout this very trying time in their family life.”

Robyn’s own belief system would seem bizarre to most Montanans, as she states on a blog promoting a feminist women’s march, “I am a change-maker, prophet, rebel, spiritual guide, and sage. I integrate the material realm with the spiritual to facilitate social transformation.”

Amazingly, the actual accusations of wrong-doing regarding the parenting of their children were never forthcoming. The removal of the Newmeyer’s children was altogether without explanation. Nonetheless, on top of lot of unfeasible hoops to have their children returned, including limiting their time in church and their faith community, Gerry mandated an LGBTQ activist, Kristin Best, to “counsel” the Newmeyer children.

Lastly, we have Kristin Best, who Gerry mandated to counsel the Newmeyers’ children even after they shared concerns over her background.  Kristin is also a proud supporter of the LGBTQ movement(Pics H & I).

As outlined at Sons of Liberty Media, Best’s social media posts show tons of profanity, vulgarity, nudity, and anger toward conservative or traditional values and those who hold those values. For screenshots of her wickedly vulgar and bigoted views, click here.

What has been demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt is that the hatred of these CPS workers toward those who hold traditional Christian values would prevent them from serving on a jury of a white, Christian male. Certainly it should prevent them from being the sole deciders on the future of the Newmeyer’s children.

What has happened to these children since they were stolen from their happy home? The oldest child is 18 and continues to reside in a group home with sub-par English skills, thus without gainful employment or higher education opportunities. The 12-year-old boy desperately wants to return home, but is refused by CPS for what is still unclear reasoning.

CPS alleges that the children notified a youth worker at church that their parents were “mean” (some accounts indicate this is only an accusation leveled after the child had remained in state custody some time). Police later found “insufficient evidence to collaborate her story.” Later, the young woman said she felt safe at home.

Later, the young woman again claimed to a youth worker she didn’t want to go home, but did not allege any abuse on the part of her parents. CPS then came to the church and confiscated the children. Those claims remain unsubstantiated until this day.

Over time, a reunification plan was developed between the parents and CPS. The plan was very vague and generalized, in part because the accusation and complaint toward the parents didn’t specify any specific kind of abuse. One aspect of the reunification plan was that the father bike up a mountain to lose weight. An endless list of things to “prove they are good parents” were required to reunify with their children including volunteering at soup kitchens, community involvement, helping a needy family at Christmas, and donating books. The list was never-ending.

To date, these parents have jumped through every hoop imaginable, including multiple mental health evaluations – in which they are given a clear bill of health and low-risk to abuse – in order to see their children again. But thanks to state policies that place almost total draconian control into the hands of Child Protective Services, this family has still not been reunified.

Currently, there is an epidemic of child confiscation in Montana. The Big Sky State ranks among the highest in the nation of having children confiscated by parents. State policy places extreme authority into the hands of CPS workers, many of whom – like Gerry Hill – are liberal activists who seek to destroy the traditional family unit. Questions must be asked and answered regarding Montana state law and the relative ease with which children may be stolen from their parents and never returned.

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  1. Child and Family Services (CFS) cases were in decline until Bullock became governor. Since then cases have increased 149.9% according to the Child Maltreatment Report released in January of this year (2020) by the federal Children’s Bureau of US Dept of Public Health and Human Services. CFS cases with a caregiver with a drug problem has averaged around 25% of cases, not the 70-80% claimed by CFS. This is clearly government kidnapping children from parents to obtain federal Title IV-e money. Money Bullock uses to balance his budget. It was so bad the US Congress had to pass the Family First Law. A law Bullock has delayed enacting in Montana until he is out of office.

  2. Sorry I forgot to mention the 149.9% increase in CFS cases is the highest in the US for that time period.

  3. “The Big Sky State ranks among the highest in the nation of having children confiscated by parents.”

    Are you sure that’s BY parents, not FROM parents?!

  4. Seeing this story really made me see red. Here in Flathead County there is only ONE court referred substance abuse monitoring service; Compliance Monitering Systems…..the lead lady is a lesbian and in 2016 she told me she and her wife were fostering their first child….then in 2017 fostering suddenly turned into ADOPTING THE FOSTER CHILD …. and then…..I recieve confirmation from the parents of the child this lady adopted that their child was taken by CPS for drug related issues…and their drug tests were ADMINISTERED BY THE SAME COMPLIANCE MONITERING EMPLOYEE THAT ADOPTED THEIR CHILD THAT WAS TAKEN BASED ON THE RESULTS OF SAID DRUG SCREENS!!!

  5. CPS has been out of control for many years now all over our nation. The massive federal funding provided to remove children as well as the adoption bonuses to the states is at the heart of it. Most families don’t have near the support this family has to get their children back and forever lose their children to a system Georgia Senator Nancy Shaffer described as so corrupt she believed it was beyond repair. People need to continue to fight this beyond their own cases if we are to have any hope of ending this. Sadly most don’t!

  6. Wow so if you are gay adovcate you can decide if parents who are Christian are fit to raise adopted or birth children? You can’t make this lunacy up. Montana what happened to you?!!!


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