Factcheck: Did Bullock Give California Governor Newsom Quarantine Exemption to Visit Montana?


According to numerous news reports, “California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has allegedly been spotted by multiple witnesses claiming that he spent the weekend hiding out at his wife’s family ranch in Stevensville, Montana, as the rest of his state is on lockdown and not allowed to travel.”

As of right now, Newsom’s California office has denied the accusation he is currently in Montana, but his office’s wording has been vague enough to have some insisting that he briefly visited the Big Sky State of fellow Democrat Governor Steve Bullock over the weekend.

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While most reporting has centered on Newsom’s hypocrisy for visiting Montana while his state is on lockdown, it should not be lost on Montanans that a 14-day quarantine is still in place – mandated by Governor Bullock – for out-of-state visitors to Montana and the order will not be lifted until June 1.

Did Montana’s Democratic Governor Bullock give his fellow compatriot, Gavin Newsom, permission to come into Montana for a brief visit, even though he has other rules for regular Montanans who might have traveled in and out of the state? Or is it possible Newsom visited without consulting Governor Bullock or Montana state law enforcement agencies? Or are the headlines altogether false?

Reuters claims that none of the many claims from Stevensville residents in social media claiming to have seen Governor Newsom shopping or “being fitted for a cowboy hat” at a local store can be substantiated. Their UK “fact-check” division has found the claims to be false. A spate of Montana publications have also found the claims to be unsubstantiated including Montana Right Now and KLUR Bozeman. However, like with Reuters, these press outlets have only sourced Governor Newsom’s office and taken the California Governor for his office’s word that he is currently in California “where he has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Currently, there is no documentable evidence of Governor Newsom’s whereabouts over the weekend. Several California groups have lodged Freedom of Information Act requests to reveal the governor’s travel logs and if, indeed, he visited in Montana briefly over the weekend.


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  1. KCRA in Sacramento requested a statement from CHP a few days ago and at the time they published article, Chp did not respond. KCRA has not updated the public. I know CHP and they don’t suck inquirise unless something’s up. Secondly no one has asked Newsom directly to get his response. Why is the California media so weak. Because the media loves this guy! This is a big story no one wants to break. Why don’t you contact each person that posted his sighting! U have investigative reporters. And don’t allow your Governor to cover for him! Verify everything!


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