Bullock Supporter, Ilhan Omar, Says She’ll Support Biden Even Though She Thinks He’s a Rapist


A prominent Muslim in the United States House of Representatives and powerful friend and ally of Montana’s Governor Bullock, Ilhan Omar, has now stated that she would vote for Joe Biden even though she thinks he is guilty of rape. She has previously stated that she does in fact believe the accusations against Joe Biden by his rape-victim, Tara Reade.

When crowds began to shout ‘send her back’ – a chant referencing Rep. Ilhan Omar and her observable contempt for the United States – she looked to her good friend, Steve Bullock, to defend her and attack her critics as racist xenophobes. Bullock told the press, “the chant is a stain on the presidency” (his words also echoed those of the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, who claimed that Trump was racist for saying the inner cities were “infested with crime”).

Later, Bullock attacked the nation of Israel for not allowing Ilhan Omar to visit, even though Omar is closely associated with known terror groups and has called for the eradication of Israel. Bullock chided the American ally, saying, “Any elected representative from Washington D.C. ought to be able to go to Israel.”

A member of the infamous Squad comprised of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Omar herself, the Minnesota congresswoman is now drawing ire for saying that she would vote for Joe Biden. Ironically, Omar was regularly in the press working against the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because he had been far-less-credibly accused of inappropriate sexual contact than Joe Biden.

Omar was asked on Good Morning America where she stood on Biden’s campaign, considering she believes he’s a rapist.

Talib answered, “I think it’s important when someone says they have been assaulted and they see themselves as survivors that we, as we have been saying, believe survivors.”

But then startling onlookers, Talib said Biden’s rape of Reade doesn’t matter to her and she will vote for him anyway.

She then confirmed in a series of tweets that her choice for president was who she believed was a rapist, Joe Biden (see below).

Bullock himself has had accusations leveled against him by former female employees, including his former Lt. General Andrea McLean, helped to cover-up sexual harassment allegations in his own office, and even is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a subordinate while governor of Montana.

It should be no surprise that Bullock has received the proud endorsement of Ilhan Omar in his 2020 Senate bid, considering she has little problem voting for those who she believes have abused and mistreated women.


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